I wanna Hear You Say

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Just once, i wish i could get recognized...

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



I see the things you do

I can feel your hugs

Through the shouts

I can still feel your love


I know im not good

I forget to appreciate

I wont take you for granted

I know that you are great


I want to try for you

And show you that i care

and those times when you ask

of course i will be there


I hear your whispers

and now i begin

my eyes are open now

you are wanting an end


Never did i think

that this would ever stop

But never did i think

that any of it was my fault


Im sorry i was blind

But im not giving up

I need you to know

you need to feel my love


Im sorry i neglected you

and for the things that i say

but i promise you

and please mark this day


I will try harder

than you have ever seen

i want to be happy with you

and forget all of the mean


Oh what id give

for you to say all of these things

To stop all the arguing

and to stop all of the scenes


The words id kill to hear

if its the last thing i heard you speak

is to admit youre wrong

and admit youre weak


What id give to see you

on your hands and knees

To hear you cry out in the night

to hear you beg and pleade


For once i wish you would

wish youd try like i did

To try and keep us from dying

and maybe just once live


But after this lone episode

After the morning breaks

Youll wake up normally

and continue just to take


And i will keep on giving

I will never give up

Because never seeing a return

Is nothing compared to giving my love


I will never leave your side

Theres no other place id be

I just hope that one day

you wil finally see


Theres no other man

Half the man that i am

Oh god for my life

i wish you'd understand

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