My Hands Are Frozen

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She takes advantage of him, but finally the score is settled.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



If she thinks she can leav alone

and spend the whole night clubbin

Rubbin up on guys she needs to realize

Shes got another thing coming


Wasted and pasted she returns

Trippin and askin for second hand lovin

Unbeautifully drunk she grabs for my junk

Shes got another thing coming


I tell her im fed and march out the door

Followed closely by her runnin

She coughs up the whiskey and sobers up quickly

But She got another thing comin


Speeding away im finally free

But in my own pocket my cell is hummin

On the line i hear cryin that we should keep tryin

But shes got another thing comin


Find a quiet place on the hill

take my guitar and just start strummin

write my lyrics on the page letting out the rage

Oh, bitch has got another thing comin


March back home with my chest out high

My feet pounding like and army to the drumming

Open the door into her eyes, those tears erase the lies

i guess i had another thing coming

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