Shes a cheater she just doesnt know it yet

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Its so real i can taste it....

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011




His hand journeys to promise

His feelings shoot up your spine

He leans in for the kiss

You could have shut the blinds


No drink can be found in sight

And it just starts to rain

Its dark outside but its not night

I don’t feel wet, all I feel is pain


You pulled me near

Promised there we’d be lovers

And whispered in my ear

That there were others


The cushons caress you back

As his hand caress you chest

Your mind is in his lap

His mind is in your dress


The promise you sold

Your mouth must have lied

Out here its so cold

You look warm inside


You embrace his skin

Your eyes lock in deep

As you let him in

I cant even breathe


Time after time

You let yourself play

Then he takes you from behind

And it all goes away


You smile at his face

He pulls out soft

Somethings out of place

Theres nothing to take off


You glance at the clock

At jump to the tick

Then your eyes lock

And you give one more pat to his


Escort him to the door

Kiss him goodbye

And promise him more

His love is leaving so you sigh


It wasn’t long ago

That you said youd wait

How could I know

That id be late


Should I apologize

For wasting your time?

Or should you take your lies?

And shove them where the sun don’t 

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