The Crowned Princess of Crime Chpt 1

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Chapter One, dont know where itll stop, but she will help him be free...

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011



The hallway was long, dark, damp, and stoney. How could such a place house a human being let alone the mentally ill? Gotham City had no excuse to build such a grimey dirty building other than it housed the worst criminals known to mankind.


The west wing housed the short timers who would be in and out in less than a year. It was the dirtiest of all four wings, with inmates coming in and out so fast no one cared enough to clean it. The Eastwing held the lifers who took pride in their future's home. It was by poor standards the cleanest and safest part of Arkham Asylum. The lifers had things they did not want to lose, so they kept to themselves and bothered no one. The north wing was in processing and administation. This was the only section of the entire complex with carpet. The South wing, tucked behind the massive castle like building, farthest away from the city, housed the insane. Gotham's sickest and most corrupt minds all lived within breathing distance of each other. Chatter filled their small rooms as they plotted against the bat. For the most part it was useless, as the vast majority of them would never see grass or sidewalk again.


But there was a special part of the South wing, removed from the masses of broken minds, secluded for their health. A single room at the end of a hall. The darkest and coldest room in the entire city. It was built specifically to house one man, if man was even a term deemable for such a crook. Two guards were stationed outside of this room 24-7. Aside from the small team of guards specifically hired for this man's cage, only two other people were permitted to come anywhere close to the room. The first being the food service guard who still was searched everyday by his fellow employees. The other person was Harleen Quinzel.


She was a petite woman, fresh out of college, graduating valedictorian of Gotham University, and ready to take on the world. Ambitious she applied for Arkham Asylum hoping to change the city. Little did she know she would succeed changing the city, but not by using her masters in psychology. Her inteligence and motivation won her spot on the Arkham payroll, and its easy to assume her looks helped a lot. She was only five two, but she was an olympic bound gymnast at Gotham University. But she knew gymanstics wouldnt change the world or help anyone, she did it becuase she loved being physical, and it kept her body in shape. She was modest, but not dumb, she knew she swung a tight lovable body, but her concentration on her studies voided any relationships she ever tried.


When she started her first day at Arkham, her superiors gave her one patient, and told her he would be the only person she would ever treat. At first she was offended. She quickly assumed it was either becuase she was new, or she was young, either way she protested and wanted a row to herself. Her boss told her to calm down and check the file. She took her first look down at the file, which she was finally realizing was a hefty manilla folder crammed full of paper. She checked the tab, "there's no name." she said.


"We dont know his name, but everyone knows who he is," and he dramatically left her standing in the middle of the hallway. She cracked open the file and her eyes widened at the picture. A small photo framed a face. A long face that bottomed at a pointy defined chin. High cheekbones resting under the eyes. Two devishly cartooned eyes that stared manically at the camera. A wicked smile that creeped along his cheeks with the help of two scars. This face had been plastered on the news for months as batman chased his trail blazing crimes around the city. The most recent story being his capture. And now Harleen Quinzel was given the case.


Her boss, even though he never said this to her face, needed someone with blind ambition and hope to take the case. Someone who would be dedicated to fixing him, jsut so he could keep the politicians happy and off his back.


She had been working on the joker for an entire year. Today was just another day in the small, damp, cold cell that housed the prince of crime.


In her sweet innocent voice she whispered, "alright Mr. J, im tryin REAL hard to get you outta here, but they dont listen to me! I think they see me as just some stupid little blond girl."


His words crawled out of his mouth like they had a mind of their own, like his words were coming out to inflitrate her mind and posess her, "awww sweety, i know youre trying, dont give up, if anyone can get me out its you." he faked his sincerity, because she was the only one he talked to, and the only one who checked on him, she was the only person who had any say in his state.  "just keeping sweety, and when you get me out we'll escape and be happy together."


Her smile grew wide. She wanted to be with him, outside of the cell. She wanted a life for them both. It didnt take long after she first arrived at his cell a year ago, she was completely crazy about him. She accepted her love for him, but knew if anyone knew, she would be taken of his case. So she kept fer facad professional. Inside though, she woke up with a smile knowing her hubby was at work waiting for her. Her stomach always jumping with bubbles and butterflies as she walked down the dark creepy moist hallway to the sinlge cell. And her heart pounded at her rib cage when she entered and heard his voice. She was completely lost in his character.


"tell me you love me." she pleaded to him.


He smiled, not because he did, but because he loved playing her, "i love you darling."


Then a loud crash erupted from the side of the building. It knocked both of them over. Through the smoke and rubble two men came into the cell, grabbing the joker. They hefted him up off the ground and stood him up. Harleen opened her eyes, her head swirling and her ears ringing. She looked up at the joker who was gathering his balance. The two men dressed in black and masks stood on each side of the joker. "thanks boys, took you long en..." he was cut short by a blow to his stomach, knocking the wind out of him.


"Hey! dont you hit him like that!" Harleen tried standing up but was still disoriented by the blast she fell back over. She watched as her hubby was dragged out of the hole to a waiting helicopter. "NOOO!!!" But her scream was weak againt the sound of the chopper. It lifted away into the night sky.


Harleen sat in the corner she fell into and started to cry. Tears rolled down from her bright blue eyes down her small smooth cheeks. She crawled her legs into her gut, and wrapped her arms around them. She felt alone. She sniffled. "they'll pay. I was supposed to resque him, hes supposed to be with ME!"

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