The Embers Within

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Disney Princesses are written with the same formula. Deceased parent(s), a cute animal sidekick, magic surrounding them, and a terrifying villain. Overall, it ends where the prince and the princess get married and everyone leaves the theater, thinking about how wonderful those fairytale realities must be.
This is different.
While Aidan keeps some of the traditional Disney Princess characteristics, mental illness and abuse are introduced, representing a population of young children who haven't had a happy life and are defenseless in a battle that they fight every day.
Will she have a happily-ever-after?

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



Intro music playing. Scenery of an English countryside, a castle; tall, brown, with open windows on the upper level, is sat in a field with trees surrounding the area. About a quarter of a mile to the side of it sits another house, with a small village shortly behind that. It is about 11 PM and the only light source is the soft orange glow of the candle’s flames in the windows.

POV goes into the window of an upper hallway, where a stern looking man dressed in royal purple clothing and a small, redheaded girl are interacting.


King: Don’t you dare speak to me like that! You’re foul, you’re ungrateful... get out of my sight

Aidan: That isn’t fair! Why is it always me, why is it always my fault?

King: I’m warning you Aidan, don’t say one more word.

Aidan: Father, I don’t understand! You never explain what it is that I’m doing wrong!

King: Leave, now!


Aidan begins crying and quickly runs to her room. She lies down on her bed while her cat, Rowan, is lying down on the floor.

POV goes back to the hallway where the two were arguing. A slender, brunette woman in a long blue dress is standing where Aidan had stood facing the King.


Queen: That was entirely uncalled for, Elliot. Why do you treat her like this? She’s been nothing but gentle and kind, you are constantly berating her, and for what? For nothing!


Camera moves to behind King Elliot and his hands are clenched by his side, glowing faintly.


King: You’re nothing! You both are intolerable, she’s just like you! Always disrespectful and always trying to get on my last nerve!

Queen: *fighting back tears* Leave. Just leave. I can’t do this anymore.

King: You’ll see what will happen. Just wait.


Queen Rachel walks down the hall and stops by Aidan’s door. She peers in and sees her breathing settle into the natural rhythm of sleep. She begins speaking to the girl softly, being careful not to wake her.


Queen: Oh, my dear. If only you knew of the beautiful nature inside you. It isn’t your fault dear; it was never your fault. You are so strong. You’ll see it some day, of that I’m sure.


Queen Rachel sighs, walks to her room and lies down. King Elliot is not in the room, and the windows that were shown outside from the first shot have been slammed shut.


Cut to: Aidan’s room. It is about 5AM, and from the hallway comes a rush of light and thick, black smoke. As it reaches the doorframe, it starts growing, engulfing the open door and spreading to the back wall. Rowan meows frantically, and wakes up Aidan.

Aidan begins coughing, and gets off of her bed and into the hallway.


Aidan: Mom!! Help! There’s a fire! Mom! Dad?! Someone, anyone!


She runs down the hallway, yelling for her family to wake up. She looks behind her, seeing the flames continue and catch fire to the curtains and the rug, speeding up as it gets brighter and brighter in the corridor. The smoke is catching up to her as she sprints down the stairs; the foyer already having bright orange flames distributing across the walls. The door has already been opened and she hopes that her family has already escaped. Before she can reach the door, the smoke surrounds her and she passes out.


Cut to: A room with cream walls and red velvet curtains. Sitting by the window is Marlowe Brenton, Aidan’s best friend. He looks out of his window and sees her castle burning. Marlowe yells down to his mother and father as he runs out of the house and towards the castle. When he realises that no one is outside, he opens  the previously closed front door, and sees Aidan unconscious, pulling her out onto the grass.


Marlowe: Aidan, Aidan?! Please wake up… you have to wake up!


Aidan slowly comes to consciousness, and as Marlowe helps her stand up, you see that the grass beneath her had turned a dark brown.


Aidan: ...Marlowe? Where’s my mom? Where’s Rowan? The house! Marlowe, look at my house!


Aidan begins crying. People from the village are gathering near the house, frantically trying to get a glimpse of what’s going on.

Aidan and Marlowe back up slowly, watching the flames engulf the top of the castle.


Marlowe: I didn’t see anyone… I didn’t see your mom, or your dad, or Rowan. I opened the door and you were laying there… I didn’t want to risk running in there, not knowing if I’d make it back out. I’m so sorry.


Aidan looks upset, but a tint of confusion comes across her face.


Aidan: No, it’s alright. Thank you for saving me. I mean, if you hadn’t come I would’ve been… I would have...

Marlowe: Don’t. It’s okay, I understand. Let’s go back to my house and we’ll tell my parents what happened. You can stay with us, we’ll have clothes and a bed ready in the spare room… the room that-

Aidan: -that we played in as kids? Yeah. I’d love that. But… my house… and my family? I don’t know where they are, but they have to be out of there. I know they’re out there. But… why wouldn’t they have looked for me?


As people are trying to see that the princess gets to safety, a man shouts from behind the castle. They see him holding Rowan, her orange fur being instantly recognisable. Aidan runs back towards the house and greets Rowan with open arms. As Aidan speaks, her voice breaks with each word.


Aidan: Thank you so much, sir. I would’ve been lost without her. Come on, Row. Let’s go to our new home.


With Rowan on Aidan’s chest looking over her shoulder, the two friends walk to Marlowe’s house. With no King or Queen in sight, the princess is now an orphan, with her life completely turned upside down.


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