MB love life chapter 1

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Hi this is my first story so go esay on me

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



Trinitys prov: hi I'm trinity I'm 14 and I'm trying to wake my lazy sister up so whe can go on the radio and win owr mindlessbehavior tickets. Do I need ice to wake this girl up End prov

Trinity: tyllah wahe up we are going to miss mindlessbehavior. common girl I wanna meet princeton!! Tyllah: fine if it will shut you up speaker: ok we got mindlessbehavior in the house, girls the 10th person to call in will get 4 tickets and 4 back stage passes to the show so get your phones out and start calling.

Tyllahs. Prov Hereing prodigys vioce in girls talking bout aww I could just die...... On ya timeto start calling End are Trinity: my phone is ringing Speaker: hello, you are caller 10 you get to meet mindlessbehavior Trinity: sweet, hey can me and my sister sing on of mindlessbehaviors songs befor we hang up the phone? Speaker:sure Trinity: thz Trinity and tyllah: eh Shawtyx2 What's ya name What's ya numba Ya heard bout my age well forget that numba I can put the trill in ya life I can make ya dreams come to life I hear you talking I know that I'm what ya like ???:u girls were truly amazing ????

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