Blood Bond- The Last Chapter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

In this final instalment of blood bond, Dalila finds herself free from the vampire council. Only to be stuck in a town with humans.

Submitted: December 10, 2017

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Submitted: December 10, 2017



The night air felt cool as it glided gracefully over my skin. My feet barely touched the ground making it feel more like I was walking on air. How had I been missing out on all of this? I had been cooped up ever since becoming a vampire, never having the freedom to run wild. Just as I began to enjoy my freedom my own thoughts had to ruin the mood. It wasn’t too late to turn back. I had a feeling if they ever found out that my sister was the one who told me to run, then she’d been in worse trouble than me. I could claim she had nothing to do with it, say I went for a stroll. But her words haunted me. I trusted her with my life so when she told me to do something, I would do it no matter the consequence.

My body tensed up, it could mean only one thing. It was close to dawn. My eyes darted in a rapid fashion trying to locate anywhere with enough shade to hide under until night time. To my dismay, I was standing in a vast field. My hearing could pick up the faint sounds of a village in the distance, but my body was already feeling weak. By the time that I would get there, I’d be done for.

"Dalila!" Her voice was like a distant memory. My mother. The moment I heard her voice I froze on the spot. She was standing next to a huge car not too far away from me. It wasn't her usual car, this thing looked built like a tank. No doubt that it was designed for vampires. "Veronica called me, get in." She held the passenger door wide open. But I didn't move. In that moment, I couldn't tell which was the worst fate. Either I died painfully and slowly by the sun or I had to endure a whole car ride with a woman I had never been close to. My instincts decided for me when it noticed the sky turn lighter. I found myself lugging human-like towards the car. My energy was at an all-time low. It felt degrading doing things at human speed.

I turned my back on her as soon as I got in the car. That position didn't last long as soon I was being flung against my seat.

"What's the rush?" My words fell lazily into the air, she had never spoken to me before so I didn't expect a response.

"We're being followed, what the hell happened?" She snapped, it was something I had never seen her do before. She had always seemed so calm and collected that seeing her like this made me appreciate her as a vampire.

"How should I know? One moment I was asleep, next moment Veronica is telling me to jump out the window." I slumped my back further into the seat, fulling indent on sulking the whole way.

"What about before Veronica showed up? Did you hear anything? That damn girl just said 'pick her up' and hung up on me." The car sped up at her words, I was beginning to like when my mum got angry.

"I may have heard something. I think they mentioned hunters. Oh, also something to do with a 'death mission.'" My memory still felt foggy. I had a feeling the alcohol hadn't worn off yet.

"Damn it, what did you do?" The car lurched again. My mind felt blank, combined with the speed we were going at and her infuriated mood, I was too scared to answer. "What happened at that rat house?" Her tone was softer, but still harsh enough to jolt my nerves.

"It wasn't a rat house."

"Wasn't?" It was only one word but it aggravated me.

"It was my home, till those damn busy-bodies showed up."

"Language young lady, what busy-bodies?"

"Humans, they threw gas in. No one was home at the time." 

"No one?" Even without her looking at me I knew what face she was making, it was a cross between a stern look of disapproval mixed with a tone of amusement.

"They left to hunt, they left me behind with that guy who's in love with Veronica." My mum sighed. It was an overly human sound that made me jump.

"What happened?" Her voice was low and even.

"Nothing much, they came in, they died. Enough said." Suddenly the car swerved.

"Damn it, do you understand who's following us?" I squirmed in my seat, I didn't like this line of inquisition. My thoughts had become muddled. When I didn't answer she continued. "They work for the council. They never go after rogue vampires, especially not one-week old runts like you. They figure that young vamps would die if left alone so they never bother. But for some reason they are after you. So, either you killed a council member or you're seen as important. How many were there?"

"How many what?" My mind was whirling, I couldn’t keep up with the sudden changes in conversation.

"At the rat house, how many did you kill?" My mind tried to recall the incident, but I hadn't really taken the time to count.

"I don't know about a dozen or more. I didn't stop to count. Plus, there was another vampire there."

"Did you see him kill any?" I stared blankly at her. I was blind when it all kicked off, so it was true that I couldn’t tell how many he had killed.

"I saw him kill one." 

"Thought so, though I wouldn't expect anything less from a human sympathizer." I gave her a questioning look even though her eyes never once wavered from staring straight ahead. "He thinks himself as still human." The air in the car seemed to turn deathly silent, it was a silence I was all too familiar with. Soon I found myself falling asleep to the rhythm of the car.

I woke up dazed and confused. My senses were telling me the sun was still in the sky but my eyes only saw darkness. It took a while before they adjusted to take in my surroundings. We were parked in a car park similar to the one we had met Veronica in, but in Veronica’s place was my mother. Her back was turned to me, the faint sounds of an unfamiliar male voice filled the lofty space. I only jerked upwards when I realised she was talking with a human. She seemed to catch my motion as she began to walk back to the car. I found myself scrambling as fast as I could to get out of the car.

"Dalila, this is my good friend Antonio." Stood next to my mother was a guy who looked like he was in his early 40s but life hadn't been so kind to him. He was slim but had a worn out look about him. Maybe this was just how humans aged. I found myself staring at his close to bold head. When my eyes moved to study his face, I found an unfamiliar bright smile on his face. Something that aggravated me.

"Does he know?" My words felt like a dagger compared to his warm smile.

"Dalila! I'm so sorry Antonio, I did teach her manners." Her voice was so light and friendly towards him, it made me question who this person was to her.

"She defiantly is your daughter that’s for sure. And to answer your question, yes, I do. Well let's not just stand around in a draughty carpark. I bet you're both really hungry after the long drive." I had never interacted with a human on this level since being turned. It felt almost natural, but at the same time I didn't like the feeling. I wanted nothing more than the company of my own kind. It was starting to dawn on me that Henry was right. Humans and vampires should never interact like this, it was against our true nature. It was like talking to the food.

The blood tasted foul, it was like it had been sitting out going mouldy for too long.

"It takes some time to get used to animal blood." My mum was staring at my face of disapproval. All I could think about was grabbing a real bite to eat. It didn't matter how much of the animal blood I drank, I never felt full or satisfied.

"Next time I'm not drinking this. I'd rather starve to death." The hunger was making me snappy. When Antonio walked in all I could think about was what his blood tasted like. He shot me down with an intense glare. Something I had thought only vampires could do. My hunger ceased.

"Your mother was the same when I met her. 'Oh, why can't I drink human blood?' She was so whiny that I almost gave in." A snicker escaped my lips at his impression of my mum. She shot me a warning glare, which only made me snicker more. But when her eyes focused on Antonio they turned softer. It was a look I had never seen her give to anyone but my dad.

"How did you two met?" My lips spouted the words before I could stop them. The air turned silent once again. I knew my mum wasn't going to answer so I focused my stare at Antonio, he seemed too relaxed sitting in the same room with two vampires.

"We went to school together. Your mum had just moved in a couple of doors down from me. But I only really met her at school. We must have only been 12 at the time. Seems like a whole lifetime ago. Sahara didn't have many friends back then, she was kind of a scary person to approach. So, everyone thought I was mad when I went to talk to her, but how could I not? She was beautiful even back then and even more stunning now." My mum had turned quiet, her expression was almost like she was embarrassed.

"So how did you find out about vampires?" The bluntness of my question earned me a frustrated noise from my mum that she only ever made when I said something offensive.

"Right, when I first found out I did what any rational human would do and pretended like it had never been mentioned."

"Yes, you thought I was lying to you about it all."

"Sometimes the truth can sound like a lie. At least I didn't call the police when I found your parents snacking on the neighbours."

"They'd never kill anyone! Come on my parents? They were the most docile vampires you'd ever find, that’s why..." They interacted as if they were school kids, my mum only stopped when she noticed my face. "Sorry, got carried away there. Ok first rule, Antonio is off limits. The rest I'll leave for Antonio to decide." My mum stood up from the table. "We should catch up again soon." Her arms gave Antonio a lingering hug, she seemed reluctant to let go. But when she did, she didn’t look back at me once. My eyes lingered on the door, waiting for her to turn around and come back for me. My hope was in vain as she had let me go off with a stranger once before.

"She could have at least said bye." Antonio was laughing at my words.

"She's not all that sentimental. So, what did you do then to get the council pissed at you?" Antonio was staring at me, he held a glass that contained a yellowish liquid. "You want some?" Without answering he poured me out a glass. He was sipping at his own glass when I attempted a sip. The liquid was cool at first but then started to burn the back of my mouth as if I had eaten something really spicy.

"What is that!" I stared at my offending liquid.

"Whiskey, it looked like you needed some." I pushed the glass back towards him. "So how can a small girl like you get the council after her?"

Before I knew it, my glass was empty, I must have drunken it just to cope with sitting in the same room as a human. Words seemed to flow out of my mouth without a thought to who I was telling them to. I must have fallen asleep at some point because the next thing I knew I was waking up on a soft bed.

The room was dark, but my new eyes adjusted quickly. The windows had thick black curtains that blocked out light. The room itself was decorated with old granny-like furniture, making the room feel very out dated. It was also clear to see that he didn't use this room as dust had begun to cling to every surface I could see. On the wall stood a large photo of a young boy next to a pretty girl. The words 'Antonio & Sahara' were scrolled across the bottom. My eyes couldn’t help studying the happy look on my mother’s face.  

"Did you sleep alright?" Antonio was sitting at the dining table. The room seemed much smaller than it had done the day before. "It's been awhile since I slept through the day time. But what kind of guardian would I be if I let you run rampage through the night time? If you're wondering about breakfast, the good stuffs at the back of the fridge. Its labelled 'not for Sahara'." Antonio was nursing another glass of whiskey.

I found myself suspiciously taking a sip of the drink. It was human blood, but not fresh. It was maybe a day old or so. But it was 10 times better than the animal blood.

"Don't tell you're mum. I have an arrangement with a friend, he supplies it just in case Sahara falls from grace. I told him you'd be in town so he 'donated' it just in case."

"Thanks." I still felt awkward talking to him. It was as if I were talking to an enemy who just so happened to be a good friend of my mums. But there was something about him that seemed like he had accepted the fact of what we were, something I found interesting.

"Ok, new rule, no biting the neighbours. I'll get you food so you don't have to worry about it. If you leave the house, only go to places that are less crowded. And under no circumstances are you allowed to interact with the locals. You're not a prisoner but I also don't want the vampire council on my back. They're not too keen on us humans." He placed a map on the table. In red pen he indicated where we were and also the places I wasn't allowed to go due to large crowds. "Also, if under the rare circumstance that the council does find you here, call this number. A friend will meet you and take you to a new location." He slid over a sleek black phone. "Don't get too excited, I'll give you a new one in a couple of days' time, they'll be monitoring the phone lines."

"I think by then they'll probably give up." Antonio had a scowl on his face.

"Then you truly don't know the council at all." Antonio downed the last of his drink before leaving the room. My eyes barely scanned the map before leaving the house. I couldn’t wait to taste that freedom I had briefly gotten only the night before. There was only one path leading from the house, it was wide more like a road for cars rather than a footpath. My eyes glanced briefly back at the house. From the outside, it looked like every other house in the street. The only thought that crossed my mind was where the underground car park was. There was no sign of a visible entrance. Antonio was watching me from the window, he gave me one quick glance before disappearing out of sight.

"How'd you know Antonio?" A human’s voice cut through the night air, he was staring at me from a garden off to the left. No communicating with the locals. It took all my strength to keep walking. No human had spoken so freely to me since I turned and now all I could think about was putting him in his place. "See you around then?" His voice seemed amused as it faded into the background. I wasn't planning on seeing any human again. Why had I really run away? Was it only because Veronica had told me to? I could have dealt with anything the council had thrown at me as long as it meant not interacting this way with humans. The thought seemed odd, I had only been a vampire for a week or so but already my view of the world had been altered. I no longer valued human lives, nor did I care to take the time to entertain them. I wish Veronica were here. My hand flung to the phone, before I knew it I was dialling a number I had memorised many times over. She'd never answered the phone in the past, even so I rang the number every night. I wasn’t expecting her to answer now, but when her voice filled the receiver I was overjoyed.

"Hello?" Her voice snapped me back into action.

"Veronica, it's me. You'll never guess where I am now."

"I know where you are silly, I phoned mum to take you there." She sounded bright and her usual bubbly self. "I guess you met mums friend then, I think they dated in the past. I have to go now sis, talk soon." She hung up. It was as if all my energy was drained away when the phone went silent. The night air no longer felt like freedom, I wanted nothing more than to be surrounded my loud crowds of vampires. Before I knew it, I was standing in the middle of a bustling town.

The street was filled with humans, something that felt unnatural at night.

"New around here?" I jumped at the sound of a girl's voice. She was leaning against a wall. Her hair was long and dangled almost to her waist. "Figures, what clan are you with?" I froze on the spot, she was a vampire. Still I remained guarded, don't talk to the locals. She was technically a local. When I didn't move she stubbed out a cigarette on the floor to move closer. "Let's try that again, I'm Clarabelle. Most just call me Clara." She held out her hand in a human-like manner.

"Dalila." My eyes scanned the area waiting for other vampires to join her. But none came.

"So, Dalila what brings you here? Are you running from something or running to somewhere?" She lit up another cigarette as she spoke. "From the way you're acting I would have to say, running from something. Human or vampire?" I remained silent, I had a feeling that I couldn't trust her. She was staring at my neckline. "I see, the vampire council is after you then. What, did you kill an original or something?" Puffs of white smoke filled the air as she spoke. The smell was foul, I had never met anyone that smoked before.

"How can you tell?" I found myself relaxing slightly.

"Gold pin you're wearing. I like rebels, just make sure it's for the right cause." She stubbed out her cigarette and went into the bar behind her. I stood there staring for a moment before making my way back to the house. Antonio was watching tv when I entered.

"Foods in the fridge, it was all I could get at short notice." The blood was fresher than the last meal I had. Something about that bothered me more than it should have. I joined Antonio on the sofa, he was watching football. Something that had always seemed pointless to me.

"Do you know a vampire called Clarabelle?" Antonio almost chocked on the whisky he was drinking.

"You went into town. I thought I told you that was a no-go zone. Never mind, she already knows you're here now. I guess I should get ready for company then." With that Antonio turned the tv off and walked over to the fridge. He sighed when he opened it.

"So, you're staying with Antonio then?" Clara was standing by the living room door.

"I only have animal blood right now."

"I'm fine with that." Clara smiled as she answered Antonio. "So, tell me what you're running from then." She settled herself down on the sofa as Antonio poured her a drink.

"How do you know Antonio?"

"He's like a friend to all vampires in the area, now spill. I've been dying for some juicy gossip." My mind was racing, she was young looking but smelled heavily of booze and cigarettes. Her hair was a light brown in colour and was perfectly straight. She wore dark clothing and almost looked goth-like.

"They're after me for some reason. Think it has something to do with the group of hunters I killed." Her smile faded. She shrunk further into the sofa.

"Hunters..." She looked deep in thought for a moment. "Did you really kill all of them?" Her eyes fixed on the floor as if she were trying to burn the carpet with her glare.

"I think so, though I don't really know what happened." Her eyes flicked up suddenly, catching me off guard.

"Good! They deserve it. I don't condone unnecessary human death but they are more like sewer rats." She reached for her cigarette packed and began to light up another one.

"Pass one over." Antonio held out his hand for one. Her fingers shook when she went to pass it over. Something I had never seen happen to a vampire.

"Hunters killed my clan. I'm the only one left." Her words were muffled by the cigarette in her mouth. She held her breath for a moment before letting out the biggest cloud of smoke I had ever seen. "Want one?" She offered the packet over to me. I shook my head at her. Clara shrugged and placed the pack back into her pocket. "How old are you? I mean in vampire years."

"1-week-old." Clara was smiling once again.

"Only a week old and already in trouble with the council. Also, I would take that pin off if I were you."  My hand idly brushed against the cold metal of the gold pin. The thought of taking it off was daunting. But she was right, I was on the run from the council and that would be a dead giveaway. It was harder to take off than it looked. The pin had somehow imbedded itself into the fabric. In the end, I gave up. "Can I sleep over tonight? The sun will be up soon." Antonio just huffed in reply.

"Not only do I have to look after one girl vampire, now I have two." He poured himself another drink and left the room.

"I think that’s a yes. You sure you don't want one?" She was holding the cigarette packet once again. She'd stubbed out the last one she had on an ash tray I hadn't noticed before.

"No, I'm good." After shrugging she placed it back in her pocket without taking another out.

"It'll be morning soon. We should get some rest." Without warning Clara made her way upstairs. She seemed as if she knew the house inside and out. Which only made me more curious about Antonio and his connection to vampires. I found Clara fast asleep on the huge bed in the dusty bedroom, she was fully spread out on the bed leaving no room for me to squeeze on.

"There's a spare bedroom down the hall to the right." It was all Antonio said before disappearing behind another door.

The spare bedroom was much smaller than the other room. To the point where it could only just about fit a bed in the room. This room felt more like a prison cell than the other room had felt. The bed looked lumpy and not comfortable in any way that I looked at it. There was a musky smell lingering in the room, it was almost unbearable with my new vampire sense of smell. I had a feeling this was going to be a long night.

I found myself tossing and turning all night, no part of the mattress was comfy to sleep on. In the end, I found myself dragging the quilt into the living room. I was used to sleeping on sofa's when I was a human so it was easy to fall asleep. Before too long the sun was beginning to set. My body felt groggy, unwilling to wake up.

"You can sleep in if you like. I think Clara's awake now. It's not like you have anywhere you need to be." Antonio was sitting across the room on a wooden worn-out chair. He was nursing another glass of whisky in his hands. There was a full glass on the table. "That’s for you, thought it might help you sleep." I gave him an unsure look before taking it.

Clara was nowhere to be found. But I was too tired to argue where she had gone. Sure, I wanted to know who she was and why on earth she knew Antonio, but my body had other ideas. I thought that my body would protest about sleeping during the night time but in the end, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up to the sweet morning call of birds outside my window. It was a sound I hadn’t heard for such a long time, it almost felt as if I were still dreaming. Without thinking my hands drew back the curtains allowing blinding light to spill into the room. My eyes instantly reacted the way vampire eyes should, momentarily blinding me.

“You’re lucky those are vampire approved windows.” Antonio’s snide comment made the situation worse, I wanted to snap back at him, but my own stupidity stopped me from doing so. By the time my eyes had readjusted he had already left the room.

Out of pure curiosity my eyes flicked back to the window. I wasted no time at all admiring the street bathed in sunlight. Something so trivial that I hadn’t even realised I’d missed it. My eyes caught sight of the boy I had seen the night before. I found myself idly staring at him, he must have sensed it as the next moment I noticed him staring back at me with a bright smile. He gave me a quick wave, snapping me back to my senses. What am I doing? In vampire record time I drew the curtains shut, plunging me back into darkness. My heart was pounding in an almost human-like manner. Vampires weren’t scared of anything, let alone humans. I was about to leave the room when my vampire hearing picked up a female voice.

“Who’s that?”

“A friend, I’ll introduce you next time.” There was a tone to his voice that I couldn’t quite understand. For a moment I thought he was actually talking to me. I held my breath a little longer just to be on the safe side. I completely stopped breathing when I heard the next voice.

“You talking about the vamp house again?” Unconsciously my hand drew back the curtain, far enough to confirm who it was. Andrew. 

“What are you doing back here?” Suddenly the mood had changed. I felt a shiver run down my spine at the cold way the boy had spoken.

“Thought she might need my help.” Andrew seemed so formal. Nothing like the boy I had grown up with.

“No one needs the likes of you around. After what you did to Clara…”

“I can’t change the past, I’m sure there are a lot of things you’d like to forget too.” He sounded crueller than I had known him. Something about that unnerved me. The last time we had spoken it was a conversation I would never forget. He told me that we would never meet again and that if we do, I should fear that day. At the time, I didn’t know what he meant. How could I fear a friend I had treated like a brother?

I didn’t have time to think it through as before I knew it the bedroom door began to open. I could feel my whole body tense up, readying itself for what ever was to come. But all he did was stand there gawking at me.

“So, I guess it is true then.” He sounded deflated as if somewhat disappointed in me. I turned my back on him. Even though we were friends in the past, ever since that day I had hated him. “You know, you’re not a very smart vampire. Never turn your back to a human.” His words only made me angry, even so I couldn’t face him.

“Why?” I wanted to know his reason, to know why he was here but I couldn’t muster up the words.

“Because it leaves you vulnerable to attacks, I could kill you right now and you wouldn’t see it coming.” I could hear his footsteps moving closer to me.

“Go ahead. I suppose that was the reason you came here.” I wanted to fight with him but something in me felt defeated.

“Actually, it's not, I came to warn you.” His words snapped me back to my senses. In an instant, I had spun around to glare at him.

“Warn me about what?” He stood calmly in the middle of the room.

“The hunters know you’re here. Now you can either let them find you, or you keep on running.” I planted my back against the window.

“How’d you know that?”

“Because I am one.” His words had turned harsh again, my vampire instincts were telling me to attack before he did.

“So, you thought you’d come here and take the credit for killing me. That was a bad move, you know I could kill you without a second thought.” He was no longer the childhood friend I had known, he was the enemy.

“I came here to warn you, because we were friends once. And whether you want to believe me or not is up to you. Also, I don’t think Antonio would take too kindly to you killing a guest.” At his words my eyes flicked up to see Antonio with a stern look on his face in the hallway. A frustrated noise escaped my lips unwillingly. I found myself pushing past the both of them. All this aggravation had suddenly made me hungry, I didn’t even care if it was animal blood.

To me delight, it was fresh human blood. I was started to grow complacent with the constant supply of food. It went completely against our natural hunting instincts. Andrew made sure he was nowhere close to me while I ate. I found them both sitting in the Livingroom, the atmosphere felt tense as if gearing up for a huge storm. Without speaking Antonio poured out three almost full glasses of whisky. Without hesitation Andrew took a long sip from his glass. He gave me a scrutinising stare when I picked up the glass.

“I guess you’ve been living the high life. Better not tell that mother of yours.” I half chocked on the first sip at is words.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He gave me a weary smile.

“Out of all the vampires I’ve met, she’s by far the scariest one.” I took a giant gulp of my drink

“She’s not the one you should be scared of.” My eyes turned sharply on his. My mind felt more focused after my meal. Andrew leaned forward.

“I look forward to your performance.” His words sent my mind spinning, wondering what they meant. “On that note, I should be leaving. I’ve done what I came here to do.” My eyes followed him as he moved across the room. It was still in a daze from his offhanded comment. When the front door slammed Antonio gave out a sigh of relief.

“I’m not a fan of that boy, not after that day anyways.” He took another sip from his drink.

“What day?” I recalled that boy talking about Clara.

“He betrayed Clarabelle after gaining her trust and love.” With those few words, Antonio stood up. “I should get some sleep, I feel it's going to be a long night.”  

I spent the rest of the daylight hours pacing back and forth, waiting to escape from the now claustrophobic house. As soon as the sun had set I dashed out into the cool air.

“How’s your evening going?” It was a familiar voice. The boy I had seen talking to Andrew was sitting on a wall next to the house. He looked as if he had been sat there all day waiting. My patients had worn thin. I didn’t care about my cover any more.

“Who are you?” My voice was as sharp as a blade.

“I guess he was telling the truth then. You’re one of them.” He jumped delicately off the wall as if he had done it many times over. “I thought so, you have the same moody attitude as my parents.” He was smiling as he extended a hand out to me. “Name’s Marco.” He had the scent of both human and vampire on him. My vampire senses were beginning to find it difficult to separate humans from vampires. Either way I stood firm unwilling to entertain another human. “Figures. My parents said that other vamps would act like this towards me until I turned. I just never thought they would be right about it.” I found myself gawking at him. He was like me. A child of an original.

“You must be going insane then. I didn’t know what I was missing, but had I known I would have made my mum turn me a long time ago.”

“What do you mean, ‘had you known?’” I found myself relaxing.

“Some vamp parents think it’s best to keep their children in the dark. That is until they murder their boyfriends.” He gave me a quirky smile.

“Did you not like him or something?”

“He wasn’t my boyfriend.” It seemed like a long time since I had such a relaxed conversation with someone.

“So, what you got jealous that he didn’t ask you out or something?”

“More like my sister was the one who turned on her boyfriend. Seems like my parents wanted to keep me in the dark about the whole thing.” He placed his back against the wall in a leisurely fashion.

“Your family sounds very entertaining. Wish my parents were more exciting, but they’re just like any human parents around here. And unless you were a vampire you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. They even bake fruit pies for the neighbours. It’s creepy really.” I gave him a soft smile, something that felt almost natural.

“It’s Dalila, my name. Antonio told me not to mix with the locals but from what I’ve heard so far, it seems like most of the locals are actually vampires.”

“Not all of us are vampires! Marco thought you said you would introduce us.” I tensed up again, it was the human girl. There was something different about her, to the point that she had managed to sneak up on us without alerting my senses, that was until she had spoken. 

“Right, Dalila this is my friend Fiona. She’s one of the coolest girls for miles around.” Fiona extended her hand. I found myself staring at it.

“You do know how to shake hands right?” Even though her tone was sarcastic and a little snarky, something about it reminded me of other vampires I had known. If it wasn’t for her human scent, other vampires wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

“Right, sorry. Think my vamp brain threw human customs out of the window when I turned.” She laughed. It was the first time a human had laughed at my vampire dry humour.

“I like her. Marco, that’s how you be a vampire. He could learn a lot of things from you.” I found myself laughing alongside her. She reminded me of my sister. “So, what vampiric stuff were you talking about before I turned up.” Marco stared at me as if we shouldn’t tell her.

“Just about how my sister murdered her boyfriend on the day she turned. Average vamp talk, really.”

“Nice. She sounds like a hoot, maybe I could get her to turn me when I meet her. I don’t think ‘human-vamp’ here has the stomach for it.” A cynical smile crossed my face.

“Or I could just do it myself. Never done it before but it doesn’t seem too hard to do.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” She held out her hand and I found myself shaking it. It was only then that my mind snapped back into place. Had I just agreed to turn someone? She was the first human, other than Antonio, that I could stomach being near as if it were normal. Something about my human side wanted to protect that connection.

“So, what do you guys do for fun around here?” I needed a distraction. Both of them were grinning like Cheshire cats.

“You’ll see.”

I found myself in an abandoned warehouse with at least 30 other kids showing up by the second. There was a mix of both vampire and humans. Their different scents were overwhelming my vampire senses, making it hard to tell humans apart from vampires. 

“This club was set up a few years ago. Everyone wanted a hang out, even some of the parents know about this place. But only those that have these,” Marco handed me a cheesy looking badge with a smiley face on it, “can get in.” It reminded me of the gold pin still melded to one of my tops.

The place was packed. Noise blasted from the front of the building, cutting all other noise in the room out. The noise even dampening my vampire hearing, it was almost like being human again. Marco was standing right next to me. He was shouting something at me but I couldn’t make out a word he said. It wasn’t too hard to find myself enjoying getting lost in the huge crowd, even finding this much human contact bearable. My enjoyment was cut short. Panic seemed to spread from the front of the hall. First it was a few people, but once the music was cut the whole room was in disarray. I couldn’t understand the source of the panic. My hearing was dulled down. It didn’t matter how loud Marco shouted as I was only hearing bits and pieces. But the word ‘hunters’ rang through loud and clear. My vampire senses went into overdrive. It was easy to spot them from the crowd. Before I knew it, I was in full battle mode. It didn’t even occur to me that not only was this hall filled with humans but also vampires. Both Marco and Fiona were squirming by my side. I shouted as loud as I could at them.

“Take her and run. Now!” Marco wasted no time hauling Fiona out of the hall. In that split second, I noticed other people in the hall. People that had no business being there. My eyes suddenly focused on Andrew, he was standing at the entrance of the hall. But his stance was more defensive, he was ushering people out of the hall. Something I had no time to sit and question. A light touch on my arm brought me back to my senses. “That asshole of an ex filled me in on the plan.” Clara. She looked pissed off and battle ready. There were a few other faces in the crowd that I barely recognised but it was almost as if I had imagined them. I didn’t have time to think about it as before I knew it the hunters had already reached us. Everything moved at lightning pace. My brain seemed to snap into place and before I knew it everything turned hazy. I only came back to my senses to find the fight already over. Someone was shaking me. I found myself in an awkward position, my teeth were sunk deeply into one person while my right hand held another person. A dead other person. My jaw relaxed, a loud thud hit the ground as it did so. My eyes focused on the bloody mangled body I had just released from my jaw.

“What happened?” My eyes fixated on the body. My hand seemed to clench tighter around the dead body I was holding.

“You don’t remember?” It was a familiar voice. One I had been missing, Veronica. Her arms closed around me in a tight embrace. “You sis were amazing.” My hand unclenched as I felt her warm body next to mine.

“Why are you here?” I was frozen to the spot, even if I could move I didn’t want to.

“That doesn’t matter. All that matters right now is we’re safe.” She tightened her embrace.

“I don’t remember anything. Why don’t I remember?” My mind felt hazy, I hated not knowing. It was as if I had become something so far beyond a vampire. I had lost both my humanity and my vampire self. I had just become a scary, terrifying mindless hunter.

© Copyright 2020 cat1000er. All rights reserved.

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