Join the Clan

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Vampires have finally stopped hiding in the shadows, but there are still those that preferred it that way. A group of vampires called the Clan has taken over the City, it's a case of join or die. But there may be a third option.

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



I hadn't eaten for over a week. I could feel weakness taking over my body, I didn't know how long I had left of resistance in me. They would come for us soon, we were the last group that hadn't joined the clan. I wanted to protect them but I hadn't gone this long without eating. The clan had taken over the city, it had become a predator and prey society. Before I knew what was happening I was being lifted to my feet, my strength had gone and I had no other choice but to let them take me. When I woke up, I felt my fangs sink into a person lying next to me. Hunger took over my instincts, it was only when I began to feel her life fade that made me stop. She had been crying, her face was stained with tears and blood. My senses began to come back to me, I was in a feeding hall. It was packed with hungry vampires and scared humans. I still hated what I was but I had come to terms with being a vampire. 

When I left the hall, I had become part of the Clan, involuntarily. It seemed more like a prison, for both vampires and humans. There was one face I recognised and despised. He was standing by the only other exit. He looked older than the last time I had seen him, though I knew it couldn't be possible. He was turned at an old age, he was by far the oldest vampire I knew. We had met a long time ago in my hometown. I was running away from a past I wanted nothing to do with and he was just out to have fun. I was 20 then, but if I had known I would stay 20 for the rest of my life I would have done more human things. Instead of going out drinking for my 21st like everyone else, I was out hunting drunk humans. Birthdays became meaningless after that.

"Finally decided to join us then" his croaky voice breezed in my direction. I kept my head down, ashamed that I succumbed to the hunger. When he saw that I made no attempt to communicate with him he continued "in time you'll thank me for this new society I created". I wanted to blame him for everything, but I still didn't have the energy to do so. Others from my group had been brought here too, I noticed them quicker than the others as they looked ashamed of what they had done. They perked up once their eyes met mine. "What are we to do?" Sara was a blond petite vampire who was the youngest and newest member of our group. She fell in love with vampire novels, little did she know that they bite back. "I heard there's a town in England that is a vampire and human-friendly place. Meals are all volunteers and it's more ethically sourced" she was a vegan in her last life. I knew the town she was speaking of, but I could never go there. It would mean owning up to a past I had been avoiding.

"I'd rather deal with the Clan than go back there." She noticed the tone of my voice and pulled a childlike face "hey, don't let me stop you. If you can get passed the prison guards then I'll even buy you a plane ticket." She perked up when I mentioned it and began to search the room for an escape plan. That's when I heard a loud bang on the table. 

"If one goes, we all go. That's the rule remember" Jeremy spoke up, he was my summer mistake. I thought after being turned that I could return to life as normal. But instead I got my boyfriend or should I say my now ex-boyfriend involved in my big problem. It was comforting at the time because I had someone to help me come to terms with it. But at the same time, I felt more guilty as the days went on. The more he enjoyed being a vampire, the more guilty I felt. We split up about 5 years ago, we went our separate ways and lived our lives differently. It was only by chance that we found ourselves in this bizarre situation. I nodded in defeat, he knew the reason why I didn't want to return but it had been our secret from the group.

The clans headquarters were less guarded than we had first thought, the place was more like a 'come and go as you please' kind of place. So it didn't look odd with a group of us leaving at one time as we blended in with the other vampires. It was a short-lived victory however as we later discovered the border was patrolled by at least 2 guards. It was a good thing I had connections in high places. I told the group to stay hidden upon my command. "Julian? Is that you? Never thought I'd see the day that you'd be working with the enemy" I said it in a joking way as not to alarm the other guard to Julian's true identity. He was the head of the resistance, the equal rights pro spokesman. "Been a long time hu?" He gave me a hug as we met at the border at which point he whispered something only I could hear. "You need to take him out and punch me, once you reach the tunnel there'll be others waiting to take you anywhere you want". With that, I did what he asked me to, quicker than he had time to react. I gave the signal and we ran for our lives.

My old mates from the resistance were waiting for us like Julian had said. "Miss tinker bell does it again, hope you weren't too hard on Julian" Hannah was a tall skinny girl who was once a model, she gave me that nickname after I had broken into a few vampire headquarters without detection. "So where will it be then?" 


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