Dont they know anything?

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I dont get to see my bf ever so i like to write what is going on in my mind. So i guess this is what i was thinking...

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Don't they see,

The pain i feel,

When I'm not there?

When I'm gone?

I know my face glows,

My smile is real,

Eyes read happy,

Heart says love.

When im gone,

my smile is fake,

Eyes read pain,

Heart says love.

I'm nothing when away,

Everthing when I'm there,

I'm not real,

Unless with him.

My smile glows,

My eyes become alive,

My true self,

My heart never stops.

When I am alone,

My heart bleeds,

Sadness overlaps,

And I cry.

When with people,

I read nothing,

My heart beats sadness,

But i hold back all of my tears.

When with him,

My eyes read love,

My heart beats love,

My tears are happy.

When we have to leave,

I am reluctant to let go,

Our eyes plead no,

Our hearts stop.

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