My Last Hour

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If i were to die, this is kinda what i think my funral would be like.

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



I know i am dead,

I just wont let myself believe it.

My casket is opened,

All I can see is my Brother.

His tears fall down,

I go to reach out,

But i can't move.

My dad walks by,

His little girl is gone,

He places Blue Puppy beside me,

And continues on.

Next is my mom,

Not a tear is shed,

She knows my Sin,

But why not cry?

I can see a blur of faces,

Some are my friends,

Others are family,

Alot are crying,

Others are hiding

I try to call out to each one,

None can hear,

My pleads of "Help Me",

Or even "I'm sorry"

The only one that hears,

Knows my true Pain,

Knows the truth about me,

And does not hold anything back.

He placed a letter in my last bed,

And walked away.

"You may be gone,

But not for long,

For I will find you again,

Whether we are dead ,

Or alive again.

Nothing will keep us apart,

So I will see you soon,

Stay put where ever you go,

And Remember this,

I love you still."

Darkness showered over,

As the casket was closed,

I could feel the Coffin move,

And the movement of being dropped,

Then there was nothing,

As I was finally layed to rest.

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