My Nightmere

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I was forced to move across state away from my Boyfriend, freinds, and dad. This is kinda what i have been feeling like lately.

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



Everything is a nightmere,

Nothing is coming back,

To make myself happy again,

Would just distroy another.

All i want is to smile for real,

Not show this fake self,

That has been here,

That is not even real.

The person I dake to be,

Is not who i am,

I am truely dead inside,

Trying to fight the pain.

The demons eat my heart,

From the seed of all the pain,

They make me feel hated,

And that I should just Die.

"Your life is so jacked up,

There is no reason to live,

Why not just Die?-

You know you what to.

"Deep down you know,

He doesn't really love you,

He is just there,

Another guy in your life.

"You know your 'Dad' hates you,

That's why he doesnt call you.

You remind him to much of her,

The true source of everyone's pain."

Deep down I know,

He does love me so much,

He makes my life a FairyTale,

That i never want to end.

My 'Dad' wants me back,

As I want to move back with him,

I will change as much as i can,

To not be anything like her.

Mh friends all love me,

Never wanted me to go,

Like i had a choice,

I am gone Forever.

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