is anybody truly happy?

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Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



Is anybody ever truly happy anyway?
I'm compelled to write it down
I'll resign myself to type it down
I'd lay it all down
We all would too
But its perspective that gets us
We think we do
But we do for who?
From me to you
I do for you
But you do for you
From me to you
I spose thats true for you too
We live in a world full of self 
We take care of our own
Our flesh and bone
It leaves us alone
Makes us contemplate our fate
In the dark late
Are we ever truly happy?
I lost you before this dawning
I figured it out in the yawning 
And now?
Its a grown up "oh well"
No point in crying about it
When all youve got turns to shit
Lifes about the varying depth
For 5 seconds we were on the shallow step
And now were right back where we started
Before we became the departed
Do we suffer as the broken hearted?
Maybe once, but not so deep
We lose sleep
For other reasons
Looking into the future seasons
Changing well laid plans of mice
Those of men didn't turn out so nice
Feeling trepidation 
A not so unfamiliar sensation
Ill trudge along on this road alone
Get thrown the occasional bone
Move closer to the creator 
Change to a lover not a hater 
Find my peace 
At my release
We all go through that door on our own
Maybe we're all meant to be alone?
We get a flash of sunshine with each other 
Then wallow in the pit looking outwards to another 
Looking for that flash again 
The sun can't shine in a pit of pain
A pit we sink into called apathy
Once we thought was the place we could be happy
It looked so beautiful and real
A place where we could truly feel
But it was a surface trap
Waiting for a love fooled sap
To get caught up in complacency 
And beauty turned ugly
The grass looked greener
The once foresaken keener
And the object of your desire?
No longer set your heart afire
To make it easier to let go
Onwards to newer fields to sow
And with another flash of sun, hapiness you'll find
And your memories of the trap will fleetingly remind
And it won't be long till again you'll say
Is anybody ever truly happy anyway?

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