Hey Daddy

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I love my daddy, no matter how old i get or who i love, my dad is number one in my heart.

Submitted: January 14, 2008

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Submitted: January 14, 2008



Life is a journey,

A long open road,

You’ve always been there to hold my hand along the way.

The years have been traveled quickly,

I grew up way too fast,

But I still look up to you daddy.

You have taught me so much,

You’ve seen me make mistakes,

At the end of the day I know everything will be ok.

Even when you are away,

You’re close to my heart,

I miss you deeply daddy,

I stay strong for you when you’re away,

For mom,

For sis.

I know it’s the right thing,

If I don’t stop and think about it,

Its easier to do.

So I remember the good times,

That’s a favorite of mine,

When butterfly kisses plays,

A tear will run down my cheek.

Then I loved her first starts,

And I think about the time that has passed.

You’ve taught me the act of kindness,

The art of letting go.

I’m a better person,

Even if it doesn’t always show.

My dreams and aspirations seem realistic,

Because you tell me I can.

I try and make you proud daddy,

You’re the number one guy in my heart,

Your opinion means a lot.

Because you believe,

Because you care,

Someday I’ll become someone special,

And accomplish great things.

We but heads occasionally,

Because I’m a lot like you,

After it all,

You’re still my daddy,

And I’ll love you for life.

Time is going by so quickly,

Don’t blink daddy,

Soon I’ll be on my own.

As you grow older,

I’m growing up,

And there’s not much we can do,

Just remember I’ll always be your baby girl,

And I’ll always love you.

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