What I need

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every girl takes a guy back at some point or forgives him when he fucks up. there is only one second chance

Submitted: October 25, 2007

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Submitted: October 25, 2007



First time shame on him,

Second time shame on me,

There is no fucking third time,

Don’t waste any breath.

Anger elevates to fury,

Fury turns into flaming vengeance,

How funny it is he thinks he can hold my hand,

How ironic it is he isn’t using the right head to think,

He can fuck himself,

He knows I never would,

He can kiss my ass,

He can also jump off a cliff,

I don’t care as long as he stays away from me.

I need a man with morals,

A man with brains,

And most importantly,

A heart with a conscience.

I need a man that isn’t scum,

Not an insect n the windshield of life,

Is it to much to ask for?

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