Be4 The Bomb

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This story is dedicated to my friend who likes storys like this.

Submitted: May 21, 2010

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Submitted: May 21, 2010



Max crys. May stays quiet. The man who kidnapped them last night had left them saying they won't have long to live. She doesn't know what to do or say. She just stays quiet.
"Where are we May?" asks Max, her younger brother.
"I don't know everything Max." She snaps. She shouldn't talk to him like that. Not now anyway. They could die any second, which brings a chill down her spine. She starts to look around, for anything to get the ropes off the chaires holding her and Max down. They faced back to back and she was pleased. She didn't want Max to see the fear in her eyes. She looks around the place but the metal door opens.
"Hello kids." He says. " I've got something to show you." He holds up a rectangular metal box up. On it is a digital 4:00.
"A time bomb." May whispers. The man starts to laugh.
"You'll never get out." He says. " I click this and you're dead!" He starts to laugh again and puts it next to the door. Just before he closes the door he clicks a little button, making the clock count down.
Max starts to scream. May trys to calm him down but it doesn't work. She starts to think. If she can get over to the bomb she might be able to use it to get free.
"Max! I need you to calm down! I need to get us out of here so calm down!" He does. "Right Max, I'm going to make us fall to the ground. Watch out. Don't hurt your head." He answers with a whimpered yes.
"OK. On the count of three we'll tip over." She starts to count.1...2..3! They fall to the ground. May hurts her head and Max starts to cry.
"Max. It's OK. We have to try and move over to the bomb." She says. He answer with a small, wet yes. She starts to try to move her arms in any way possible and some how they get over.
"See Max. We're nearly there." She looks at the bomb. 2:19 left. They won't make it. She knows that. The thing she must do is get Max out. Six is to young to die. She trys to turn around as far as possible then trys to bend her arms as much as possible. She grabs Max's arm.
"Listen to me Max. This might be scary. It will be but you have to do what I say." She says. "Try to pull your arm up." He trys. It's hard but he gets his left arm out of the grasp of the rope. "Good boy. Now the other." She looks back at the clock. 0:34. She feels the rope become loser. "Max. Listen to me. Get out of the rope and run. Run as fast as you can. All you have to do is go down the corridor to the right. I saw when he took us in. Now go!" He squeezes out of the rope and stands up. "Go Max." He runs out the door. 0:12. She won't get out. Max took 2 minutes to get out andshe's in it just as much.She closes her eyes. And lies there. Stuck in the chair thinking about her 12th birthday which would come in about a month time.

Max gets to the door but can't reach the handle. He gets up on his tippy-toes one catches it. He opens it up but gets pushed out the door by a hot blast. He falls to the ground a few meters away and feels a sore patch on his left side of his face. He doesn't touch it, just stays down on the ground. He hears screaming, crying. People asking if anyone got hurt. Have they noticed him?
"Oh dear, are you OK?" asks a woman. He feels her hands on his shoulder.
"My sister is in there." He says sitting up.
"Oh um. I'll call the fireburgade and ambulance."She says."Why did it blow up?"
"A man kidnapped us and put a bomb in with us." He says. She runs to a man walking past. Maxlooks around and looks at the building. Flames are coming out of the door and windows. He starts to scream.

Max wears a small black suit for a small boy. His mum hugs him around the shoulder. Him and hisrelatives all stand around a hole. A man at the top of the hole reading from a book. He closes it and Max's relatives all walk away. Max and his mum still stand there. A black grave stone stands at the side of the grave where the man was. It says:

May Adams
A loving daughter and sister
who will be missed dearly.
From 24th May 1988
To 26th April 1999

"Looks like it's just me and you Max." Says Max's mum. "It's just me and you."

The End

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