Beach Concert

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This is the story about one girl named Jazz. She is a Dance Addict and she wants to become a pop star.

Band names:
Radio Magic
Shot Down
Jesse And The Turtals
Funk Of The Wolves

Submitted: May 22, 2010

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Submitted: May 22, 2010



"Oo la la!" He says.
"Don't think about it" I say.
"Oh please. You love it." Says Haden. I walk along with her as we pass Aiden, the boy who 'Oo la la'ed at me. I wasn't surprised. My top was so small I'm suprised no one can see my bra and my shorts. Let's not go that far. It was Haden who made me wear these things. We walk along a pavement beside the beach. Haden wears a top just bigger than mine and her jean shorts are the same size. She managed to get me innto the things and now we were going to the beach party.
"Here Jazz. Listen to this." She takes out ther phone and turns on a song. "Let's dance!" As we welk along the pavement we put our arms in the air shaking our hips from side to side.
"What's the song called?" I ask.
"Geek In The Pink." She answers still in dance mode. I fling my hair behind my back and put my sunglasses on. I dance to the music abit more until we here the waiting-for-the-concert-to-start music. She turns it off and we walk dow to the beach where lights blare and the big stage stands. There's alot of people and alot of stalls. It was like a music festival.
"Who's on first?" I ask. There wasn't famos people on. Just people from around town and mear by. Like later on there will be a band playing who are from our school.
"Jesse and the turtals." She says. Her face makes a Who-on-earth-are-they? expression. She reads on a bit and says "Ooo. Max's band is playing. Sadly last band playing."
"I wonder if his mum is here." I say. I was trying to get back a book I borrowed from her. Max doesn't go to our school but one near by and I haven't got a chance to give it back yet.
"Wouls she come to a young adults beach party?" Asks Haden.
"She's funner than you think" I answer. We walk towards the stage, trying to get near the front. Even though it's dark you can still feel the summer sun's heat.I hear the sea crashing down on the beach to my right. Haden walks behind me, slaking behind. "Haden! Come on. We can't lose each other. What's the point of going if you don't have someone to ejoy it with?" I say.
"Sorry." She says. "Let's get to the front." We finally do. We get right to the metal fence. "I can't beleave Max is playing at a concert." Haden says.
"Yeah." I say. The stage is amazing. Coloured banners on it all over with all the bands names on them. Max's band is called Shot Down. I hear it's something to do with his family's history. His cousin, Collin moved in with him last year because his mum and dad left him. He didn't have anywhere else to go. I've never seen him but people say he's not like others. The lights around the stage die down while the ones on the stage come alive. A man appears with a big beard on.
"Everyone! I hope you enjoy the show. First on is Jesse And The Turtals!" A few people cheer and most of us just mumble. I don't really Four teenaged boys and one girl come on. One boy in blue walks up to the microphone and says his name is Jesse, saying that the others are his turtals. It was abit cheesy and then they started to play. They were acturly good. Everone started to jump up and down on one song, and sway our arms on another. When they go off I acutrly say "awww". Next on is a band called Radio Magic. They are from the same school as Max. And after that a band called Glare from a vilage near by. Next come on a band of two girls called Funk Of The Wolves. They play really sad songs but once they finish they announce Shot Down is on next.
"Woo! Go Max!" Screams Haden.
"Calm down Haden. He's mine." I say laughing. He's not really but there is a conection there that's not just friendship.
"Oh who cares. He's my friend and he's playing at a concert. That is amazing." Shot down walk o stage. Max in front with a guitar. One with drum sticks, another with a base guitar and one with nothing.
"Hey everyone." Says Max when he gets to the microphone. Next to him is another mic and the boy with nothing goes to it. "I would like you all to say hello to our new band member Collin who is a singer." The boy waves at us all and we all go silent. He has no hand.
"Where's his hand?" Haden asks.
"I think that's what's strange about him." I answer. Max sees everyone stareing and he tells everyone to start playing. He strats a few lines, just guitar then Collin starts to sing.

Is it true you left me
Because I cryed
It wasn't his fault
It wasn't mine
It was yours
You can't change the future
Never mind the past

Close your eyes
Feel my heart beat
Do you feel it
Far away
My legs are shaking

I stare up at Collin. His face shows real expression. After that song they start a new one called History.

I met you
In the woods
I fed you
It turned cold

You killed him
You felt the shame
You drove away
Left the past

You disappered
From my life
I payed the price
With my hand

He took you
Hid you away
We'll always remember
Goodbye May

It all sounded so sad, and true. May. Max's sister died after a bomb exploded. A man kiddnapped them both, Max escaped but May did not. He had been so sad for years and them he started the band, giving him his life back. I got babysat by his mum and thats how I knew him. Haden came one time too and thats how she became friends with him. Max looks down and I wave. He gives a smile and waves back. He talks to a few of the band members then goes back to his microphone.
"Hey Jazz and Haden. Come on up." Our jaws fall to the ground. A man lifts us over the fence and we go up on stage.
"How you guys likling the show?" He asks us.
"It's awesome!" Shouts Haden.
"Sadly this is the last song." Says Max. "And you guys can join in." Me and Haden high ten and put on huge smiles. "You guys know the song, don't worry." He starts the song and I imidiently know the sog. It's about his friends and everyone he knows. Max joins in on this one.

Plase the cheese
On the table
I used to know
What you meant
Oh I didn't meann it
Don't blame it on me
It was not the way it seems

He's singing about his old girlfriend.

The door opens
Hello friends
I never see you
Only at weekends

That part was about me and Haden. Next it's the chorus and we join in.

Well we are all friends in the world!
Will you stay with me
My friends will be
So happy
Since I'm happy again
It's been so long
We are all friends in the world

At the end of the song we all jump up and down. The drummer, Greg, slams a brilliat drum solo and it's amazing.
"Max that was amazing!" I say. Haden just looks struck down because everyone are cheering. At the band and us as well. "i've always wanted to be a singer!" I tell him.
"Well would you like to join the band? That was good singing." He tells me. I look at Haden who didn't hear. I nod and hug him. "Welcome to the band. Come by my house tomorrow at 5pm." He says in my ear. Everything is perfect.

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