Dance Of The Embaressed Teenagers

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Every teenaged girl should agree with this.

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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Submitted: June 03, 2010



"Ok, can we go?"

"We don't leave. It's a wedding."

The embaressmet starts

As he crawls to the dance floor

"Can I go to my room?"

"It's a wedding. You don't leave."

I crash out in my chair

Hoping never to be seen

"Can't I take a shower?"

"Do it tomorrow when you need it."

Call of all bets

I've won, I gain

Embaressment has taking

over the excitment yet again

"Can't I leave this place?"

"Dance with your brother. You're not leaving until the end."

I crawl under the table

No eyes are on me

But when I go to bed

They're there for the the world to see

I cringe at the sight

Not sure what to do.

"Ok, night night."

"Sit your bum on that stool!"

Boohoo to you

I run to the bathroom

I stare in the mirror

"Your dad has the most lovely dancing."

I look at the voices owner.

My auntie who cares to much

"You think that's dancing?"

She nods with a bow

I curse to myself

Screaming for understanding

How come it happens

To every teenaged girl?

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