That Place: Rainfall

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I'm going to make more than one short story about That Place. This is the first.
Thsi story is about a highschool kid named James. He will be my main character through the whole thing.

Submitted: June 24, 2010

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Submitted: June 24, 2010



The clammy day starts to settle as the sun sets. The warm sun still heating the Earth as much as if it was noon. I look out the window as birds fly by. I wish I was one, since this place is a prison. It always has been, always will be.
Everyone thinks this is the way live but I know there is more out there. Outside the fence I can tell even though all you can see is wasteland. No life grows and in the distince you can just make out the rocky mountains. I have tried, many times, to limb over that fence. Only to be elericuted that knocks me out. It's impossile and I wish I was as free as thoughs birds.
I look back at the white screen infront of me and my family. It has nothing on it yet I feel as if they all see something. I feel out of place in this world. I feel like I'm different because every night just before the sun sets they watch it, eyes glued. I can't do anything to take their eyes away. They don't even blink. It scares me since I can't see anything. I can blink and take my mind off of things. I can get up and have a walk, eat and sleep while they just sit, not moving a muscle.
But it also fels like a sign. As if they people running this place are trying to get me to understand the reason for it but my minnd doesn't work anything out. I stand up and wonder around the house. I don't have anything to do since there is nothing to do so I decide on going for a walk.
I close the door behind me and look around the empty street. Everyone is watching their own screens right now. Always at the smae time apart from me. I know somethings wrong with me.
I always question our Government. In school I would always go that little bit further. Making sure they understand I don't believe in our way of living. I would alwys make a show, get in trouble for upsetting the city and then get knovked out and wake up in my bedroom. It's always been like this.
I walk throught the empty street, hoping to find someone else like me. Another loner who has nothing better to do. I walk into the shop closest to my home and see no one is runing it. I pick my item and go behind the counter and exchange some of my DNA. See thats what we use to exchange here. I've heard from our history books that they used money until the wold was wiped out. I still don't understannd how the world wiped out and then more humans evolved. Even thoguh I don't believe the world wiped out it doesn't make sence.
So now instead of using money to exchange we used DNA so then they can make clones. I've never seen one. I don't think anyone has but they must be working on it. They've been doing it ever since this city was built and no one has ever seen onne. That doesn't mean they don't think it's going to happen.
I walk out the shop eating the small fruit bar I just bought. My DNA has been exchanged alot and I don't feel comfortable about it. It's like they must be making alot of new me's. Alot of me clones. An army or something. Of me but they wouldn't. I'm the loner, the outsider. They don't want to make more of me.
I walk to the outscerts of the city. Just before the fence appears. I sit in the artifical grass. The whole world seems to be made of artifical stuff. You would think that since the whole world is made of artifical stuff then it would seem natrual. Well it's not. In Spring, when the flowers and plants grow for the only time in the year I look out passed the fence and sometimes I see grass growing. Proper grass that grows and doesn't stay the same leangh all year round. Thats how I know.
I finish my fruit bar and stand up. I walk to the fence which has holes in it. I start to poke the wrapper through, and like many times before, when it hits the ground it dissapears into the ground as the acid disintergrats it.
I watch, just like I've done everytime I try it. I hope that it won't because if this new materal disintergrats at the slight touch of the Earth from outside while that mean I will too? I mean if the legends are true, of the world wiped out and somehow we humans repopulated, will our human structure be the same?
I feel a tear flow from my eye. It may seem stupid but I can't stand the thought of never being able to break free from this place.
"You will never break free from this place." Says a husky voice. I turn to see a man in purple and orange standing there. Purple and orange? Thats not usral. We were white and grey if they work from the Government but purple and orange? I've never seen his style either. We all wear the same clothes but this man wears somethings I've never seen before. He just laughs at my confused expression.
"Who are you?" I ask nervously.
"I'm the man who works for the Government." He says.
"The man?" I ask again as he walks around me. He just nods.
"Yes. I am The man. Not the big boss man but The man for my area of work." He looks into my eyes and smiles. He's creepy.
"Whats your area of work?" I ask him, hoping he would give a proper answer this time.
"I get ride of things that spoils the place" He says as he stands still. His gaze still on me. I understand what he means. I'm different from everyone else and I'm causing problems for the Government. He nods. "You guessed right."
"You read my mind." I say. I start to feel anger piling up inside me.
"Yes. I can." He smiles to much. "Can I ask you a question?"
"Yes." I answer.
"What do you believe in?" I smile, knowing he already knows the answer.
"I don't believe. I know. I know theres more humans out there. And they don't live like this. I know the Government are up to something. I know you've got my DNA and are trying to do something with it." I say.
"Well if you believe in that then what do I believe in?" I just shake my head.
"You asked if you could ask a question. A doesn't mean two." he smiles, again.
"You are a smart boy, James and I'm sorry to break it to you but you use it too much. The Government don't like it.
"What are you going to do?" I ask.
"May I ask one more question?" I nod. "Whats the weather like?"
"Sunny." I answer. "No water anywhere in sight. It's clamy, hot annd uncomfortable." He claps.
"Well done boy."
"What are you going to do?" I ask again. He walks closer to me.
"The next time it rains is the time you come to an end." I smile, knowing that will be ages away. He smiles and starts to walk away. "Don't count on that boy! He calls over his shoulder and starts to laugh.
He goes out of sight. I still stand there trying to think about what he just said to me.
And that's when rain starts to fall.

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