The Light Swirl

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Just something I wrote.

Submitted: June 23, 2010

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Submitted: June 23, 2010



It was a dark night
But then the light came
It swirled around and around
Over and over
I got out of bed
And stared
I look into the centre
I see weird things
First a dragon
Then my mother
My mother who died years ago
I smile and stand up
I walk closer and closer
Nearer and nearer
It seems strange yet happy
I know it doesn't belong
"Mummy?" I whisper
She waves to me
And I wave back
"Come to me" She says
Holding out her hand
Yet it doesn't come out of the swirl
I don't know what to do
I miss her so much
Yet I don't know if I should
"Please come to me" She says
I smile once again
What's it like through there?
And can I get back?
My mother moves aside
Letting me see inside the swirl
It's more amazing than anything
I can't even explane
I smile one more time
Her hand reaches out to me
"Will you come?" She asks
I nod and walk forwards
I hold out my hand
As I aproach the swirly light
It's to warm
Yet nice
With my mother's face inside
My hand touches the light
The swirls taking over me
As if every emotion was drained from me
As if everything is dead
"What have you done?" I cry out to her
But everything else goes black
I can't see her smile
I can't see my feet
And then I go to sleep

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