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Just stories that I think everyone should read :]

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



Okay :) Well, Booksie isn't letting me update right now, so I'm putting part of my must reads here :]

Enjoy :D

[P.S. There's a lot of stories by one author bunched together, because I looked at other stories by them.]

Great Reads

Fate Has A Way by MarriahJustine

I Got You by MarriahJustine

The Powers Of Love by MarriahJustine

Hockey Sticks and Airplanes by MarriahJustine

Please Don't Forget Me by MarriahJustine

At Least You Caught Me by MarriahJustine

We Fit Together Like A Puzzle That's Missing A Piece by MarriahJustine

Our Kisses Are Sugar by MarriahJustine

Breaking all the Rules by Lucky Alyssa

Sunsets and Car Washes by HideAndSeek

It Happened by Blushes Scarlett

Kidnapped Heartby Demi Sugar

**It Takes Two To Tango by Maddie Grey

Perfect by Maddie Grey

Getting Over Leo by Maddie Grey

To Be A Liar by Aisha2727

To Take Chances by Aisha2727

Make the Most of Now by Aisha2727

When We Were Young by Blushes Scarlett

*Meeting Zane Again by Blushes Scarlett

**No Sparks Required by Teindre

Maybe It's Meant To Be by Daisyjohnson

**Cloud Nine in Calera by BUgirl13

The Heiress Brideby melbelle627

It's a Deal (Preview) by ryderstokes

**If I Could Be by Forever After

Betting On Love by OvercomeTheDark

Desert Heat by Angelica Jai

*This Ain't Goodbye, It's See You Soon by Inky30

*New Year's Bliss & A Spiderman Kiss by Inky30

*All That Matters by Maddie Grey

Ain't No Superman by littlemissromance13

*Misery Only Knocks Twice by Inky30

Asheliaby Mica

The Powers of Loveby MarriahJustine

**Fake Fiance by vanessaxoxo

**Breaking all the Rules by Lucky Alyssa

**Living With The Montecorts by CajunGrl11

**A Curve in the Road by CajunGrl11

*One Night Stand by Blushes Scarlett

**Volume I: Born for This by CrimsonWriter

**Volume II: It's Picture Perfect by CrimsonWriter

**Volume III: The Story of Our Life by CrimsonWriter

Sweet Summertime by CrimsonWriter

Love American Style by monicastar14

Seth. by peace629

*Baby Blue Eyes by Maddie Grey

My Carnival Love Story by MyMistakeMyHeartbreak

[ From Buzzle: Fighting Fire With Fire, Can We Just Call It a Tie?, Don't Touch Me!

[From Wattpad:Never Have I Ever, The Way He's Not, Living with a Player, a Badboy, and my Ex-Boyfriend...?]

Currently Reading

Someone, Somewhere by NeverGiveInx3

Fixed At Zero by NeverGiveInx3

The Secrets Behind It All by NeverGiveInx3

Seth. by peace629

Betting on Love by OvercometheDark

Easier To Lie - Character Picture & Summary!by OvercometheDark

Friend Zone by CoolStoryBro

Love Thy Enemy by VolleyballGirl13

Out of the Darkness Character Pictures/Summary by VolleyballGirl13

Stuck With You by VolleyballGirl13

We Don't Belong Together by VolleyballGirl13

Bringing Back Brielle by teindre

The Possibility and the Promise by River Stevens

Ruining His Summer by Lucky Alyssa

For Someone Else by Lucky Alyssa

A Mistaken Spark by Kay Browne

Beautiful In by teindre

When Lightning Strikes by vanessaxoxo

Plus One by Sparkes

The Oversight by Sparkes

My Favorite Mistake by Inky30

Girls Are from Venus, Guys Are from Hell by BUgirl13

Sky is Falling by HideAndSeek

Learning to Play byHideAndSeek

Tell Me I'm A Wreck by HideAndSeek

The Summer. Our Summer by HideAndSeek

California Should Be Less Complicated by HideAndSeek

Never A Mistake by Alyssa Silvas

Letting Go Of Kennedy by Alyssa Silvas

Only Time Will Tell by Marissa Kate

An Ocean Apart by Marissa Kate

When Business Gets Personal by Inconspicuously Obvious

I Don't Believe in Fate [I Don't Believe in Fate: Chapter 2 and Everything After] by Sophie Elliot

If This Was A Movie by littlemissromance13

Playing Pretend by littlemissromance13

The One Person I Can't Have by littlemissromance13

Truly, You by littlemissromance13

Goin' Down by Angel Of Blood

I'd Kill to Love You by Angel Of Blood

Forbidden Meetings by Angel Of Blood

Flipping Perfection by Angel Of Blood

I Need To Know You, Before You Go by littlemissromance13

Better Than Revenge by littlemissromance13

Playing With Fire by Blushes Scarlett

The Project: The Novel by absolutelyalice

*The Cinderella Deception by teindre

The Rules and Regulations of Love by XxloveisgoneXx

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken by Poison Ivy Says

Barricades by CrimsonWriter

The Truth About When It Rains by liveatseixteen

Bad Enough For You by Forever After

******Like Oil & Water, We Don't Mix by calasin

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