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Maggie and Eric are in love but Maggie has a secret that she hasn't told Eric yet.She finally told him and read to find out what happens next.

Submitted: November 29, 2013

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Submitted: November 29, 2013



She was so beautiful i wanted to stay with her forever. Maggie was one of the best girlfriends that a guy could have.She loved me i could tell that she could even though we never said it to eachother one day i know we will. Maggie told me to meet her after school in the science lab i didnt know what for but i just went anyway.Maggie had a scared look on her face it started to scare me too.

"Whats wrong maggie you look scared"

"Eric i have to tell you something"

"Well what is it maggie you can tell me anything"

"Eric i have cancer" She began to cry

at that moment i hugged her i wanted to confort her i didnt care if she didnt want to be conforted i felt like she needed me after all she had cancer.I guess the way i responded to her news surprised her and she stopped crying.She just looked up at me in amazement i just continued to hug her.I walked her home and when she was home we went up staires ad talked about the situation more.

"So maggie isnt your hair suppossed to like fall out or something"

"It already has i just wore a wig so noone in school would no"

"Either way you are still beautiful so take off the wig you dont have to wear it around me"

"You sure about that"

"Yes im positive"

She then took off her wig. She was still beautiful in my eyes i didnt care if she had hair or not.She had a good heart and thats why i loved her not for her looks.I loved her and i finally said it and to my surprise she said it back.About a week later Maggie was in the hospital.I was by her side the whole time even when she died.I then went around telling people what and awesome person she was i never got another girlfriend or married anyone.Then when it was my time to go i joined Maggie in the sky

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