The Most Interesting Lovebird in the World

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Meet Lovie. According to him, he is the most interesting lovebird in the world.

A few years ago, I saw those TV ads by some beer company about their “Most Interesting Man in the World.” All their guy did was look suave and tout beer.  I was quite insulted. That upstart beer company blatantly stole MY title… as “The Most Interesting Lovebird in the World!"  I wrote to them in protest, and never heard a thing back. I should have known that beer production negatively affects a business’s social conscience.


But back to moi- LOVIE- the “Most Interesting Lovebird in the World.”


First, I have the looks. Peacocks are totally overrated show-offs- my lovebird plumage consists of the most luscious shades of green and yellow ever seen. Second, I have the moves, better than any high-soaring hawk. No sunflower seed in my vicinity is safe. And I am quite the dancer too, if I say so myself.


Finally I have had WAY more adventures than that lame beer spokesman. For instance, you may have heard of that rescue of imprisoned garment workers in the LA garment district.  Most don’t know that yours truly delivered a note from the captives advising the authorities of their plight. As a result, they were rescued from captivity- and the police unfairly took all the credit!


My other adventures are just too numerous to mention.  I finally flew into my people’s garage, and was adopted by Cathy and son John.  Sad to say, even after my arrival, they continued to keep their striped hairball of a cat. However I suppose the nice cage and multiple toys they provide for me make my stay here acceptable, even with the mewling hairball.  They don’t seem to realize that I am LOVIE- the “Most Interesting Lovebird in the World. “


But they’ll do.





Submitted: January 25, 2023

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I absolutely adore lovebirds, I think they're one of the most beautiful birds and have always wanted one. I had a bit of a smile when reading your story, I could just imagine this lovebird touting around. It was a fun little story to read, and the end was really nice.

Wed, January 25th, 2023 11:58pm


Thank you so much for your kind comment. I considered Lovie a gift from God when he unexpectedly flew- lost and hungry- into my garage. God does have a sense of humor with His gifts however- anyone who knows birds know that any birds are 1. noisy and 2. SLOBS. Lovie fits the bill- but he is so cute I do not care. He literally rules the roost in this "non-Martha-Stewart-approved" household

Thu, January 26th, 2023 11:54am

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