Fall Up

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I know it is more like a paragraph, versus a short story....but please don't judge it...thanks.

Submitted: January 28, 2010

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Submitted: January 28, 2010



You made me feel real. Internally real. I go around, doing my thing, but I give up dreams...

You brought me back...Have you ever felt freer than when we are together? The misty rain freckles your face, as it does mine, and we stand there some nights, street corners, hailing taxis. A red trail of mist follows the passing automobiles as a result of breaklights. I want you with me forever. It is only in such serendipity that I found you in this big world, and I could not be more enthralled to have your hoodie wrapped around my body.

When I can't be near you, by your side, stuck to your hip, I call you. We can be on the phone for hours not saying a word and I'll still love you. Or what about that time we went to Washington DC, and you held me in the rain and kissed me? What about the time we went skating and you caught me under the strobe light right before I fell? What about that time I passed out on your couch and I woke up, hungover, smiling at you?

Has there ever been a time I denied you? Or stopped calling you "friend"? No, and no. I doubt there will be a time. Yes, you. I took you with me everywhere, like a parasite...only our relationship would have counted for as symbiosis...

The car horns blare at us, and we stand here. I look at your eyes and think I fell into a long eternity. My long-time lethargic heart was awoken from hybernation...now I am more alert and awake as ever. If you leave me, surely I will break. Would you miss me? We are currently avid lovers, but how can I see down the road?

The only hope I can reach through you is in the soul, possibly. I'm waiting for the sky to fall up so I can go with it, but I want you to be with me through it all and thank you, le miel.

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