Love Is......

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

My outlook on love.

Love is a word.

Love is a word in the dictionary.

It can be defined as: "A feeling of harmony and serenity and complete compassion and belonging from one soul to another with mutual emotions."

However, I say love cannot be defined and whoever tried to put it in a dictionary is a heartless shell of a poet who was trying to hard to acheive some kind of success.

Love is the dim-witted athletic boy falling in love with the chubby girl that gets straight A's, but he doesn't care because, well, he is in love.

Love is that feeling you get when you look at his/her name on the caller I.D. that you can't quite place, until someone else calls that isn't them, then there is a swelling in your chest and a cloth of disappointment is sprung over you as you weep and wish secretly that it was that special someone.

Love is happiness, freedom, respect, and strong connection to someone.

Happiness in love comes from that fluttering in your heart, that you cannot quite stop until the source of this fluttering is satisfied.

Freedom in love is the fresh feeling it gives you, a refreshing feeling that you go to sleep with every night with, wake up the next morning with, yet never get tired of. And, it is more invigorating than any Bath and Body Works lotion claims to be.

Respect in love is self-explainatory, and though I could dwell on it, I will simply condense it to: Respect is without asking for sex or love, but just accepting it and not taking advantage of any of it, but instead, cherishing your every moment with your significant other and loving them for who they are.

A strong connection in love means that no matter the distance, you are always with your lover spiritually. Remember; love is broad and goes a long doesn't matter if you are a million miles away. Love knows no distance! 

Love also knows no goes far beyond Earth and yes, even Heaven, and I'm sure there have been a few exeptions for Hell, too.

Love is the skinny anorexia stricken girl, with the cuts criss-crossing down her arms and legs, but forgetting her problems, being held by the boy with the razored bangs and dark hair, his tight jeans ripped and his life scarred. But they fix each others hearts with a kiss and everything is suddenly okay.

Love is the ever-raging waterfall of passion that sparks new hearts aflame every passing day.

Love is eternity; it prevails over all evil no matter what.

Love is peace and bliss.

Love is what always made your boo boos feel better after your mom/dad kissed it when you were little...

Love doesn't die out with old age.

Love knows no age.

Love is not a matter of stranger or best friend.

Love is a song you hear on the radio a week or so after you and your special someone had an argument, and it is then you realize why that song rings a bell and it is because that was the song you tuned him out to when the argument got overheated and you did something you regreted...

Love is laughing a laugh inspite of yourself because you can't get over them even after it's over. And not a solemn laugh to stifle the tears, or a fake laugh to keep from breaking down, or even a delirious laugh to disguise your doesn't even have to be a sincere laugh...but you know that's an honest laugh that makes you realize there will be no more tears. You then know that it is over but you no longer hate him and you can go on with your life in dignity.

Love is a long healthy relationship with a few slip ups here and there, and not all have happy endings, but the ones that do are truly golden and filled with honesty.

Love is what he/she tried to put into that sweet text this morining while you were smiling and biting your lip as you read it, spilling coffee all over your lap, then giggling like a small child when cleaning it up.

Love is destiny, as equally as it is made for everyone to have and hold as a precious gift.

Love is something that once you fall in it, you know it, and you just kinda go crazy.

Love is a frenzy, a free for all if you will.

Love is somewhat like a treasure-hunt, in the aspect that you have to find the right one.

Love is manipulative.

Love has CAUTION signs all over it; be careful!! 

Love knows no race.

Love is a dying mother in the hospital, with her 8 year old son looking her in the eyes and neither shedding a tear because they know everything above is true.

Love is a young man holding his newly wed bride on their wedding night, whispering that he loves her as she squirms.

Love isn't for the weak-hearted.

Love is not a game, but if you choose to see it as one, do not cheat and do not skip a turn if you get my jest.

Love is knowledge and power. Once you have it, run with it and never let it go.

Love is a word.

But it's not just a word.

Yeah, it's in the dictionary...

But the only place it can thrive from and starts from is the cavity in your chest...

the heart.

Love is all the above and far beyond.

It's a real feeling, and one of the most prevailant and heart catching/wrenching. So don't let it go.

Overall, love is too good for words.

Submitted: December 30, 2009

© Copyright 2020 Catherine Rudderick . All rights reserved.

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:) That was amazing.... Truely amazing,
It was so true.. All of it...
You really captured the true concept of love... I absolutely ADORED the entire thing :D

It was true (As I may have already said) But my favourite part would have to be this part here, when you wrote:

"Love is what he/she tried to put into that sweet text this morining while you were smiling and biting your lip as you read it, spilling coffee all over your lap, then giggling like a small child when cleaning it up."

:) Its funny because we've all probably done that in one stage of our lives :3

Anyways, WRITE MORE! :D


Thu, December 31st, 2009 12:36pm


thank you veryyy much okami!! that comment really made me smile! and yeah, lol, i bet we all did that at some point in time, your right, its funny :)
and i shall write more !! :D

-katy :)

Fri, January 1st, 2010 1:06pm



Katy well done. That was profound, what depth you showed on such a complex matter. *applause*

Sun, January 3rd, 2010 11:10pm


:D thank you, thank you :)
*bows* lol.
thanks, T lol.

-katy :)

Sun, January 3rd, 2010 4:56pm

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