Night Terror Romance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
I woke up last night and I couldn't quite place my finger on what was wrong. I was cold, and I couldn't remember where I was (even though I was sober), but I was indeed in my own room. Then relief flooded over me when I realized the problem was that a guy I liked had visited me in a dream, but I could only vaguely remember the dream, hence I drifted back to sleep.

Submitted: January 16, 2010

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Submitted: January 16, 2010



Sing to me of all your night terrors,

I will not tell you why I woke up last night.

It was not because of a nightmare...

It was because of your face in my sight.

Five A.M., cold sweats, begging for tomorrow.

I turned on my side

and pondered what was

filling me with sorrow.

Then it clicked, I got up.

A heavy mist surrounded me.

It seems as if I had enough,

Why does your face haunt my dreams?

It seems as if technology is a curse.

It prevents me from

reading my geography in my hearse.

You smile and find your way into my heart,

You kiss me with those formaldehyde lips.

I should've known not to mar this love from the start,

yet you drown me in your poisonous kiss.

I don't like it when you creep in like a ghost,

you don't even make sure that

there is a clear coast...

Instead you dive in, letting the water

move over your body and engulf it.

You are so rich in wisdom, and I am a mere pauper.

The blue substance around you blurs such a wit.

Perhaps this ignorance will subside

the love you can no longer deny,

and I will erase all your pain

when you swim with me in the holy rain.

You may be my forbidden fruit,

I may have had a few crash landings,

but I know I have to rebound and recruite....

I know it wasn't what you were planning.

I'm laying here, counting the stars...

don't tell me you aren't one

because I know you are.

And I know you're scared, all the way through.

You must've been what was amiss last night;

I woke up and then it came to me; it was you,

running through my head, and now you can't hide.

The way you make my heart beat

is like the sound of the reverberating crashing of the waves

in a conchshell, burried underneath

the sand and I know it's okay. I didn't take my pills today.

I know what I see;

I see what I know.

I see that I know that I don't want you to

leave me alone...

So please hold my hand as I fall face down.

I'll keep holding on. You won't let me go.

 You won't understand why I can't hit the ground.

I don't want your spirit to say no.

So if you want to stay wise,

I'd run far away.

'Cause next time I close my eyes,

I don't wanna see your face.

© Copyright 2020 Catherine Rudderick . All rights reserved.

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