Thinking and Wandering in My Mind

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Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Submitted: January 29, 2010



You're an average stranger,

there's your heart of a disguise.

I get wrapped up in a turniquite of kisses...

you are something I'll never know.

The only way I'd survive is if I go,

because we have met at a crossroads...

Baby can't we just pretend we're not telling lies,

and this ain't ending?

I see the dimming horizing,

it's so decieving, because you never quite know where it's at...

This moment is precious, hold its gravity...

it's good as gold.

Don't go darling, a final word and you'll be on your way...

Don't let my heart break today.

This love was never enough to grow or bloom...

I profusively need this chance,

but time is up and the clock is striking twelve,

so I must go.

You will not see me again,

Nor will I, you.

In my best hopes, I pray the night will lift from your shoulders and our paths will cross again.

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