"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
-William Jennings Bryan

Table of Contents

Day One

Preface We stood a few inches apart. He quickly touched his hand back to mine. The feeling of exhaustion faded instantly. What was ha... Read Chapter

Day Two

Emma has two strange encounters with the "stranger" from the teahouse. She learns a dark secret. Read Chapter


3. EXPLANATIONS I just sat there for a time, trying to decide if he was being serious or playing a cruel joke... Read Chapter


3. UPSETS After I finished balling, I just sat there on my bed thinking of Ryan and how furious I’d become ... Read Chapter

Day Three

3. DAY THREE For the third time, I felt a searing pain burning through my veins, acid trickling down my spine. I felt the ... Read Chapter


6. PREDICAMENTS I rolled over in my bed and stretched. The sun beat down on me through my window. The warmth felt amazing. I opened m... Read Chapter


7.DECISIONS Ryan didn’t move. I slowly backed away and opened my eyes. I let my hand drop from his cheek. Ryan had closed his eyes,... Read Chapter


8. OPTIMISM My dad grabbed a thick, cream-colored envelope off the coffee table. I shuffled over to his outstretched arm and reluctan... Read Chapter

Last Day

9. LAST DAY After I finished my shower, I reluctantly shuffled back towards my room. I hesitantly opened the door—not knowing what ... Read Chapter

Goodbyes and Hellos

10.GOODBYES AND HELLOS When our kiss ended, I put my cheek against Ryan’s chest again, and he held me tighter. We just stood there ... Read Chapter


11. Arborson I sat with my earphones in my head, paying attention to nothing but the blaring music. I glanced around at the other kid... Read Chapter


12. RYAN Beep-beep. Brrrrnngg. Beep-beep. Brrrrnngg. I reached for the desk near my bed, where I had put my cell phone. I turned ... Read Chapter

Free Day

13. FREE DAY I woke up the next morning with a crick in my neck. My head was drooping sideways on my shoulder, and I was slumped over... Read Chapter

The Cave

14. THE CAVE Ryan looked me intently and asked, “Are you cold?” “A little,” I admitted. “You know,” Ryan began, a... Read Chapter

Encounters-Part 1

Okay, so I wasn't able to post the entire chapter because it is too long. So, I've put up the first part of the chapter...luckily, there ... Read Chapter

Encounters-Part 2

K, this is part 2 of chapter 15... * * * About a half-hour after I’d returned to the common room, Julia came storming in, huffi... Read Chapter

Predator and Prey

16. PREDATOR AND PREY I stretched, rolling onto my back. I opened my eyes and was blinded by the bright light shining through the sin... Read Chapter


17. HEART-TO-HEART My eyes shot open and I woke from my dream shaking and gasping for air. Thick, sticky sweat (venom) drenched my bo... Read Chapter


18. REALIZATIONS I just stared at him, my mouth gaping. Oh. My. God, was all I could think. Today was the anniversary of Ryan’s sis... Read Chapter

First Hunt

19. FIRST HUNT “Are you sure about this?” I asked, as Ryan climbed out onto the window ledge of my fifth-floor dorm room. “... Read Chapter


Author's Note:Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of this thing.I probably would have killed Emma and Ryan both by now if you h... Read Chapter


First off, thanks for being so patient. I'm truly sorry I've taken so freakishly long to update. Second, this chapter is definitely not t... Read Chapter