The Loner

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salina was the runt of her litter and was driven out of her pack she later meets up with an alpha of another pack and quickly falls in love and joins the pack her brother meets up with her later on and she has 5 cubs.

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



Once there lived a wolf named Salina. Salina had been driven away from her pack because she was the runt of the litter. Her father rejected her the minute she was born. She was treated like the omega of the pack which is the lowest class of wolf in a pack. Whenever her family returned from the hunt with food she as always the last to eat out of her littermates because the pups always eat first. It’s midnight in summer, a full moon is up in the sky glowing brightly illuminating the night. Salina is walking in the woods. She had just eaten and is now looking for a place to rest for the night. As she pads along through the forest something jumps out of a bush growling and pins her down. It is another wolf. “Who are you and what are you doing on my territory!” the wolf growled.Salina looks at him for a bit startled and replies,” My name is Salina and I am just looking for a place to rest for the night….”The wolf unpins her, “Well my name is Fraux.”Salina looks at him he has jet black fur except for a small white crescent shape on his forehead and sky blue eyes. As Fraux gets a better look at Salina he sees that she has light mud brown fur and piercing yellow eyes and is kind of small. “Don’t you belong in a pack Salina?” questioned Fraux. Salina looks at him choking back tears as she speaks, “No, I was driven away from my pack cause of my size.”“Wow, hmm well would you like to join my pack? I’m the Alpha and we have many mouths to feed but not enough hunters.” Salina looks at him her eyes growing wide with excitement,” I don’t know would your pack accept me?”“Yes, of course they will. I’m sure of it Salina,” smiles Fraux.“Well ok if you think it’s alright I will,” agreed Salina smiling a bit.“Great!” exclaims Fraux smiling.” Well follow me I’ll show you the pack.” “Ok then lead the way.” encouraged Salina her whole body tingling with excitement.Fraux smiles as he pads along through the forest Salina right behind him not letting him out of her sight.“So your pack drove you out?” asked Fraux curiously.“Yes.”“Well I’m awful sorry and welcome to my pack.” Fraux smiles as he comes up to a small valley with different sizes of wolves lying around playing and exchanging secrets with each other. Fraux howls and the pack replies to his howl. Salina stands there in awe it’s been a couple weeks since she had been driven from her pack.“Th…there are so many how will I remember all of their names.”Fraux laughs,” You will it’ll just take some time. Come on I’ll show you everyone.”Fraux pads down the hill and smiles as his mother comes up and nuzzles him. As he nuzzles back Salina comes up and dips her head to his mother in a greeting. Salina this is my mother Mandriff, my sister Katrina and the others are Fran, Hahk and Trud.”“It’s nice to meet you my name is Salina,” Salina dips her head to them in a greeting.They all smile at her and dip their heads back in acknowledgment. A few days go by and things run smoothly with Salina in the pack. Fraux comes padding up to her. Salina is cashed out under a sun beam soaking in the sweet rays of light.Salina…..umm w…would you be my girl…”his head lowers in embarrassment.Her eyes widen,” Yes. To be honest I liked you when I first saw you …”About three days later Salina realizes she is expecting a litter. When she does she’s giddy with excitement and she and Fraux are quite happy. Salina is the alpha female of the pack. All of the sudden she hears a failure howl it’s her brother kamiel’s! She jumps up with excitement and runs to him nuzzling him. Kamiel was the only one in her family besides her mother who had accepted her.“I knew it! I knew I would find you! I was trying to find you for weeks I kept following your scent but it was so frail. When father drove you out I was so upset I couldn’t take it. But enough about me how about you? You seem quite well.” He nuzzles back excited his tail waging vigorously.“I am wonderful I’m the alpha of a pack, have a mate and am expecting a litter of pups.” She smiles proudly and walks over to the path to the valley; “Come brother we have a lot to catch up on” She smiles as they walk down the valley back to the pack where Fraux awaits her.“Who is this Salina?” the ruff on his neck sticks up a deep growling his voice as he looks at Kamiel. Salina’s fur fluffs out with frustration “This is my brother my long lost brother he’s the only one that accepts me in my old pack.”Fraux’s ruff settles down and lowers his head in embarrassment, “I’m sorry……” Kamiel settles in quickly and happily with his sister who gave birth to 5 pup shortly after. Their names were Moon for her beautiful white coat, Crescent for he was black and had a crescent shape on his forehead like their father, Fang for he always fighting, Dapple for her coat was gray with black and white spots all over it, and the runt of the litter which Salina loved most Grave for his size.

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