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I feel this is my accurate portrayal of me whenever I'm shy/quiet/introverted.

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



I can dance and sing, act at a cue

I am charming and bright, gathering everyone in a que

My jokes ring laughter, words come one after the after


But I can't, I just..


When you feel the moment, hear the sounds

More of them gather round


From the inside you're reduced

You are choked up in the reality

Of lessons unlearned

You can't break the repitition

Every replayed complication

Always unable to stand tall

So the lovely things stay inside

Cooped up, can't survive

In a place where they could get bullied around

In a place where your conscience runs your fear


They don't have your perspective

They notice you not

Because you are tied to the ground

You, as a flower which is not you

No one cares like you at all

They hold you delicately

And whisper to you too

You are close to shouting

Want to hear yourself out loud

But it will never play out

The oxygen is depleting


You only feel safe when it's easier to breathe

When you are relaxed

That is when you are and am everything


But not in the place where people reign.



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