We Can Share My Knives

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Clove and Cato have been dating for a year, when Cato volunteers for the 74th hunger games (In penance for their uprising, each year the twelve districts of panem must offer up one tribute, one young man and woman between the ages of twelve and eighteen, to be trained in the art of survival, transfered to a public arena and fight to the death). He has been training for years for this, and Clove is so proud of him, until her name gets called. This means that they will have to battle to the death, until a lone victor remains. Meaning either Clove or Cato has to die. But they are ecstatic when Claudius Templesmith, the arena announcer, tells them that two victors will be allowed if the last two standing are from the same district. Clove and Cato have hope of getting out alive. Together. The story begins at a "Feast" Claudius Templesmith has announced, at the Cornucopia in the arena, where there will be a backpack marked with the district number of the remaining tributes containing something they desperately need. Clove and Cato, the brutal ones, must now fight for their lives in hope to survive. Based on the characters created by Suzanne Collins

Table of Contents

The Feast

  "There's going to be a feast tonight," Cato says as he walks into the den we've dug in the dirt next to the cornucopia, for ea... Read Chapter

The Gamemaker's Present

  Cato and I giggle as we walk into the den. I'm still a little shaken up because, for one, I just almost died with a rock to th... Read Chapter

The Mutts

  The ground is vibrating, shaking. Great I think this moment was almost perfect. I sigh. Almost. ... Read Chapter

The Victors

  The trumpets sound, but all I can hear is Cato's heartbeat as my ears are so close to his chest. So close to his heart. I thin... Read Chapter

The Dress and the Boy

  I sit on the red velvet padded couch waiting for Ermen. He's about 35 or so years old, with aqua curls, and orange tattoos on ... Read Chapter

The Recap

  He looks so handsome. So....sexy. He's wearing a black tuxedo with red accents and a red bow tie to match my dress- Red- ... Read Chapter

The final interview

  It's interview time. Post-games interview. The thought is just so surreal, that Cato and I both made it out alive. W... Read Chapter

The train

On the train ride home, which is only from 3pm one day to 10am the next, Cato and I .... well let's just say we don't exactly hold anythi... Read Chapter

The realization

Clove and Cato are on the train on the way back home from the hunger games, which they both won. Clove has just realized that she has been very tired and emotional lately, and skipped her period a week ago. Read Chapter