September 11 where were you

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where were you on September 11th when the world stopped turning or so it felt

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011




Where were you september 11th 
When the world stop turning 
When tragic hit the Untied States
When thousands died
The Twin Towers were the first to go 
Then the Pentagon 
Then there was another Plane 
It never made it to its destination
Terrorist bored the planes 
nobody knowing 
how low do you have to be 
Those people on those planes 
They were innocent 
They didn't derseve to die
Terriorist say they did it 
Did it in the name of god 
One rule that God left us 
Was thou shall not kill
The plane that didn't make to its destination 
People on there were true heros 
They fought and safe other peoples life
Who knows where that plane was going 
So even 10 years later 
People still get together 
To remember those 
Those who had perish 
Those people dersere that 
Now stands the momuments  
Momuents for those people 
They will remain in our hearts 
Rest in Peace 

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