Winter's Servant 1

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This is the life story of a snowflake that is told in a, poetic form. Hope you enjoy.
P.S. You might notice that the title has a 1, I will post another story (or more!!!) that has the same title but isn't in the view of a snowflake. It will take a while to write, but I promise that I will publish it for you!

Submitted: November 12, 2015

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Submitted: November 12, 2015



I have written, read, and memorized thousands of poems about myself you must know me quite well by now. Yet here is the tale of an different kind, if I may put myself in a cold perspective.

Created far away from your cozy houses and sculptures, I am born into cold, and I am cold. I was frozen to a dumb of ice, to fall. I'm so small, it could take days for me to arive, still you wait for me and my siblings. I float to you on my own glass angel wings, that I have been gracefully given. I finaly see your little spot of earth, and place that I have seen from above like a child watches a new creature. So many colors, but not for long. We will put things as they should be.

We have landed, making your world white for sometime. Here I go, I'm about to land. I simply take the miniscule impact of landing on a blade of grass. Ahh, I feel so cold, at home, it's wonderful. I'm like a winter, weightless, white bunny waiting for you to pet me and groom my long, luxourius fur. I'm covered by more of me, and the frost comes next, freezing the old willow tree. How I become frozen toghether with my commrades, surely we will melt soon, but not for this long, long, winter.

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