Where Has Our Little Girl Gone?

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This poem, I created, was based upon the hardships of raising a 'rebellious female teenager' (my own)

Submitted: November 18, 2007

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Submitted: November 18, 2007



There once lived a beautiful little girl

named Katherine, whose eyes danced with the sun

and sparkled with the stars.

But, as she progressed in life, an unseen evil,

started to control her life, taking the dance

and sparkle from her eyes, making them

dull, like a knife.

This unseen force just laughed in her parent's faces,

as it began it's dirty deed of diminishing any traces,

of the innocence & inner beauty, of their now young teen.

Katherine's path in life had been changed

by this unseen evil, causing her parents

much grief & strife as they'd longed all of

they'e lives, to raise a healthy, happy child.

It's quite silly to think that as we go

through life, the ride to be always above

ground and never to tilt or sink.

Now her mother always cries, and her father sighs,

'Where has our little girl gone???'

(This poem was copywrited & published in 2001, & can be viewed in a book titled, 'LOVE AND LUMINARIES')

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