demon queen

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this story is about a girl who become queen after her sister kills off her parents and she ends up findin love.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



My name is Elena Rosaline and this is my story about my life. I was born in an old village the year was 1692 I was the second child to my mother. My oldest sister was seven at the time but she soon find out that I will become the most powerful person..





I am now five years old and my parents loved me dearly my parents are demons and they where the king and queen of them they like me better cause I was a full fledge demon unlike my sister who was a half. She grew very jealous of me then one day I went down to get some fish for dinner while I was getting the fish I heard my mother scream I dropped everything and I ran to see what was the matter once I got to the top of the hill that’s when I saw my mother and father on the ground the where stabbed to death and beaten I ran to my mothers side she didn’t move as I sat there I heard a sound behind me I turned quick to find a man standing there with a knife in his hands he grab me and said my sister had hired him to kill all of us so she could get the throne he threw me off the hill I cut up my back as I fell down I was bleeding contielys I landed in a stream as I laid there. Believing nobody would find me I would die there few hours past bye day was tuning to night I heard something coming out of the woods thinkg it might be wolfs I thought the worst just as I felt the creature beside me I heard a mans voice asking if I was ok when I looked up I saw a demon man with eyes blue as the sea and long silver hair he looked like an angel in my eyes as he pick me up and carried my to a nearby village. The head priestess said I may not survive the night and not to have high hopes soon after the priestess left the man came up and said I’ll stay here with you so you wont be alone tonight I was happy. I ask the man if he could tell me his name and he said his name was kenshe that’s a pretty name I said’ what about your name kenshe said my name is Elena Rosaline. He looked at me and said you are a Rosaline’ yes I am I said. That mean you are royalty’ is that a problem I said’ NO no that’s good I never meat a Rosaline said kenshe well you need to get some sleep I’ll see you in the morning. The next day I woke in the village everyone was shocked that I was still alive. Soon after kenshe and I became to get closer he was like a father figure to me but I knew he could never be.




Chapter two


Years had past since my parents death I was know thirteen now was time to take over the throne I was going to be married off to a man I never known. I was very scared about all of this I was just a child and now im supposed to become a wife for somebody how will I ever no what to do. Finally the day had arrived and I was dressed up in my mothers wedding gown once I got up to see the priest he then announced for the man come forth he was dressed in a black kimono I couldn’t see his face. I t was covered the sermony was under way as soon as the priest said we where joint for ever he said you are know husband and wife. As soon as the wedding was over I had to see who I married as I lift the cloth over his head I reqanized his features then I realized that the man I married was kenshe I was shocked I never thought I would marry him. After we saw each others faces the head villager came up and said since you are both now married you will have to bed her and you need to try to produce an hare so you need to bed her tonight and we will check to make sure you did. Few minutes later I was taken to the room I was changed into a different gown they put me in the room and told me to wait for him as I sat there I heard voices talking about how young I was and rules where rules all of a sudden the voices had stop. The door open and kenshe walk in wearing a pair of white pants he said that he will try not to hurt me. I said thank you for being nice to me. As I watched him he started to take off his pants and I realized that he had an extra ligament down there it swelled as I looked at it. As I looked he said for me to take of my clothes as I did he came forward and put his hands on my breast and squeezed the he put his mouth on mine his tongue forced its way into mine as it dance around my mouth he had his hand tightly on my breast the other hand started to slid down my legs rubbing his hand against my tender area I took my mouth off his and I tried to speak before he covered my mouth again with his. As I felt his eracthion on my thigh his hand started to push my legs apart. He pick me up off the floor and sat me down on him I screamed out in pain as it hurt when it went in deeper soon the pain went away he pushed me up against the wall and he went in and out very slowly. He sucked on a nipple and played with another a little sigh came from my lips he wanted to hear more so he played and bite at my nipples and stuck his hand down between my legs rubbing and putting his fingers inside of me soon after I found my self on the floor and he was on top of me. He started to go faster with unreal speed we where hollering the whole village could hear us he scream in released as his job was finish as he laid they he kissed my forehead and said I’m sorry if I hurt you. You didn’t hurt me that bad I said I loved it we need to do it again some time most defiantly he said. As he left the head villager came in to look to see if I was still a virgin as he looked he saw blood coming out of the area where he entered in at. As he was leavening he said to get dressed. When I walked out of my room I seen people looking and talking to them self’s I didn’t know what they where saying but what ever it was it wasn’t good. As I walked down the to the lake I saw kenshe sitting on a rock I wonder towards him and put my hand on his shoulder he looked up at me and said’ I hope you are not mad at me because I hurt you. I’m not mad it was great as soon the pain left’ well thank you he said did you know that we have to share a bed said kenshe. No I didn’t know well that’s ok now I can stay warm in bed. He giggled yeah now we both can stay warm.



Days turned to months and months turned into years my life now flows around love and sex trying to have an hare. We now been married for seven years now I’m still not sure about the rest of them. One day we took a bunch of kids on a tour of the grounds so they can see how people lives in a village one of the children said what about the person in charge how do they live. Well they live like everyone else they have to get there own food and water they are just like anyone else I said. Then the child said my mother said that when she was growing up she had maids and servants for her. Well child can you tell me what your mothers name is? I said. Her name is Catalina he said. I looked at the child and said are you shure that’s her name? yes im sure I hear my dad yell it . As we walk thought the village I kept thinking about her she left when I was young but she had hired a man to kill off mother and father and I was hurt in the process I dint trust her still even now she will come after me if she new I took over the throne. Well you see a half demon cant take over the throne only a full fledge can and that’s me I quests we will see how this one turns out. Later that night my husband kenshe seen that I was distracted so he came up and started kissing me to get my thoughts away I started kissing him back with hunger for him he put his hand on my left breast and tightly squeezed I could feel his man hood on my leg poking me his mouth left mine he started to go down he put his mouth on my nipple his tongue went crazy as he laid me back I felt his hand going down between my legs he ran his fingers over my sensitive core I let out a moan as he put two fingers in side of me I moaned louder his mouth left my nipple and went down between my legs as soon as tongue hit my core I grabbed the cover and squeezed I’m losing control over my body he pushing his fingers in and out with unreal speed he said come in my face baby im moaning louder then I exploded all over his face I’m sweating and so is he. He left me core and came he kissed me hard as he slid it in me I moaned in his mouth he started off slow then he pick up speed . He bang against me harder and harder until we both scream in released he got off and laid beside me as he held me. He told me that my sister doesn’t even no that you are alive so she wont come looking for you and the man who killed your parents is dead so she doesn’t no nothing also you are the queen you can strip her of her title and name and also if you want her to suffer like what you did you can also take her demon side and leave as a mortal that way she can get her justice as she ages. That sound like it’s a good plan but I would have to do it at the right time I said. I will send a guard and get some info on her and I will see what time to do it. Sounds good to me said kenshe now lets have some quiet time ok babe you have been very tired lately and you have been getting sick I think you are catching something. Maybe I am I really don’t know what is the matter with me.



One week past and with the passing I discovered that I was pregnant and my guard had returned with the news on my sister we had decided to do it on the date she gets married so she will think she is getting something. Everything had to be perfect for this. We headed out the night before to be there in time we will make it for the dinner as we entered into town we started to look for the building once we found it we waited for my sister to come along two hours went bye then finally she showed up with her groom we waited for about fifteen minutes then kenshe went in as I followed behind him. He walked in the music stopped and my sister had a big smile on her face kenshe started to the letter and this is what it said. Catalina Rosaline I bring you news of your family you have been charge with hiring a man to kill your parents and so you will be charge with murder as punishment you will be strip of your title and the family name as well as the demon blood and powers you are banish into exile you will live life as a mortal and die as one the sentence is to be carried out by the queen.. Well who is the queen there is nobody left in my family every one was killed even my sister said Catalina. There was one person who lived trough it all and she is the new queen and she is here to do judgment. Yeah I would like to see this queen if yours I bet you are bluffing said Catalina I now pronounce to you the queen here is queen Elena. As I walk in my sisters mouth had dropped open in disbelief I stood in front of her and said hello sis long time no see. You are the new queen but that’s impossible the man I hired said that you all where dead. Well he thought I was dead but I was still alive and now I’m here to make you suffer as I did. I walked up to her and said this will hurt I put my hand on her arm and punched my nails into her skin I drained all of the demon blood out of her and took her power she was left as a mortal just as fragile and easily killed I took her last name and her title away and her fortune she was nothing but a regular person now. As I walk away she grabbed a knife and stabbed it in my side she said for me to die in hell for what I did. I looked at her as I pulled the knife out I told her I wasn’t the one going to burn in hell for what I did you are. You will have to face your maker I showed her the blade and told her that I’m immortal I can never die and for you to have a reminder of this day and of what you had done I’ll give something to remember me by. Kenshe hold her arms for me please yes Elena he said’ what are you going to do? said Catalina. Just watch I put the blade close to her wrist and rub the blood into a W on her wrist she screamed and told me to stop once I was done she rub off the blood and there was a W burned into her skin. How did you do that with just blood? Ask Catalina my blood I very poisons a single drop can bring someone back from dead or it can burn flesh and even kill so now you have a way to remember me by well I have got to go but the wedding was nice have fun for the rest of your life. As I walked away I laugh I was now happy I got my revenge and now she can do anything ever again.



One we arrived back to the village I began to feel contractions well you see demons are only pregnant for two months and it was time. Four hours later I had a little boy he look like his father but something was not right I felt something else coming out as I began to push for the second time out came a little girl she was beautiful now are family is complete I’m so happy I have a wonderful husband and now two beautiful children I cant ask for more I don’t know on what the further will bring but I’ll welcome it open arms who no’s I may be here for thousands of years I guess we will see but for now I’ll take by day what a wonderful

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