butter fly kisses

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
fun fun fun

Submitted: July 15, 2009

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Submitted: July 15, 2009




Ahhhhh, oh no im going to be late

mom why didn't you wake me

I did Kasie darling you said you said you'd get up

And you belived me

bye mom see you

um... kasie you forgetting something

oh ya.....luch

hu.....hu......why dose it have to be monday

catch it catch iti want to touch it's wings

hay you nasty kids leave that butterfly alone

ya you better run

hay you ok


oh let me take that sticker off of you


hu this child could she be the one


oh no now im really late gotta go

oh hay terra

oh hi kasie (in brittish accent)

ha terra did you here about the new butterfly warrior its comming out soon


Ya mrs.popline

you need less video games and more library

oh no a 20 :(

oh no how will i tell my mom


oww this pavement hurts


*trows the test*

oww a 20 are you stupid or just plain lazy

hay give me that

*talking to herself*

the nerve of that guy looking at my test

*open and closes door*

oh hi kasie how are you so what you get on your test

test oh um well uhhh

show me


a 20 you know what your going to do becuse of this


study for your next test

*pushes kasie out the door*

no please mom you cant study this late in the afternoon it bad for the brain

door opens kaise gose up too her room

im so sleepy so sleepy

katie closes her eyes

1 minute later her window slamed open and closed

hu wh.....what was that

ah butterfly what are you doing here

i am here to fufill your destiny

oh great a talking butterfly i studied to much

no you havent you are theblack monarch

uh hu

if you dont belive me yell

butterfly dust sparkle

ok butterfly dust sparkle

she tansformed into the warrior

whoa this is so cool

Help help

hey that sound like my teacher

yes and she is in trouble we have to help her


help me please

no one can save you now


stop you feind leave her alone

and who may you be child

i am theblack monarch and a i am here to kick your butt

and i am tyfoon and you will pay for getting in my way



jump girl

now spin


listen monarch you have to take your wand and yell star dust flutter


just do it

ok star dust flutter

ahhhhh tyfoon was blasted in to oblivian

ya i won i won i won

ya ya ya now stop boasting ok lets go home


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