China powers-open go to creep---cauchy3

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Submitted: June 23, 2008

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Submitted: June 23, 2008



China powers-open go to creep…

Maoism plays the nation laws.

Beach heads are richer playing grounds.

Ushered ages are action heats.

Morbid suns have come to close.’


Powers-open come the creepers.
Morals come with hazards.

Overheard gods as saying there are apples.

China got all desisted to threat the Taiwan.


Taiwan independent!

Chaffed on cauchy3 are there are cannons of china.

Not a nuke but null is cauchy3.

All as china morals all are gone beyond recalled.


China falls behind their doors at back.

China powers-open got the early leads.

Taiwan got to draw the levels.

China powers-open has on-the-lots as powers.


Set my clocks to Taiwan.

Maoism acts had been passed by guns and going on effects of vice.

Taiwan laws in lots but out in laws to china.

----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3----------

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