Fall of troops

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speak about troops

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013





Fall in battles acts for china tyrants all by nemesis bring to them by ways of good or gods. Battle arrays come for nothing fun. Jokes about the wars are not so easy. Juggled history may hide our ethnic sins. Free the Tibet must be good. Hard and harsh are battles forms. Like a spasm our tyrants need to fall. Front and ranks are falling lines. Puffs of winds are tyrants’ heats. All except are rights are laws are upright sues.

Most are struck off one bodily also get the infected with names on books of true reviews of history.

Dirt removed is something clean. Ways are clean and laws should clean. All debugging all are faults in china tyrants’ life. Judges on sides have bribery panels. Mostly they obtain hireling claques for all their fable shows with history. Each of us should wonder what is cost for tyranny killing. Where are gods? What is nemesis? Foremen laws are franking stamps. Laws so contrasts are equal laws and upright justices. Do it always there.

Double dealing all are something bad.

Social ethos some are wrong.

Cultural pluralism some are good for heads to toes.

Cultural tyranny all are fowls that inhumane.

China manic ways will like the politic infiltrations. Reddish dominatrix tyranny comes as evil jokes.

Made destabilize upright put for shaking some for wrong doers are better worlds.

Laws should destined just and more for human right.

However sometimes Destiny might be cruel. What will gods to say about the more detached of china evil troops?

-----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3------------------





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