political ways

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China leader hard or soft despotic rules

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



Political ways….

China some atypical ways is acts to suppress our human right. They are afraid to let their peoples have right as to says and address their human weakness so as serious as manic men. Firstly they lie. Latter they squeeze. Final when their emotions floods as nursing wrath they run amuck and kill.

Even any no apolitical men should kowtow well and to do pretended men with yes to reply to china tyrants all.

Nothing canonical math but all are debts and cheating

No biblical ways are tools for treating peoples with bare with loves. Thus our cynical stresses are critical means.

China jester and political jokers all have ducal fortunes come to dot and also have sexes in lines.,

Says as we know that one china scientist with age around eighty marriage one china sports Olympic winner is one example. She is a diving queen with years twenty or younger. Now here there fanatical anti commie acts with reasons are truth. Not as free body radical causes with illness. Not as hysterical fools to help the china vice.

Do impractical wills are nice but fail. Fight for justices all are ways are might.

Juridical charms are better legal stuffs for clapping hands.

Hisses or kisses are double means.

Expressive people voices are saws are bill. Grand as people are if and only if right that needs to carry.

Forces and using magic al all cause by tyrants wills and forces. Tyrants’ wild or violent routines come as rules.

Neurologic damages do for peoples are commie political hubs and cores.

Who is china tyrants top and who is such a pervert single party big along cults? Who wash our brains?

-----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3-----------





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