Rabbi and Rabbits--Cauchy3

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poem by cauchy3

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008



Rabbi and rabbits..

Rabbi buys the bibles sell the morals.

Cauchy3 buys the x-press and live in moral some.

Rabbi talks are tall on walls.

Rabbi lives are white and clean.


Cauchy3 will have the rabbits.

Wow rabbits.

Wow leaders.

Wow china!


Rabble games are all to care.

Rabble loves are all to play as tops.

Rabies teeth are bad to bleeding souls.

Zany men the wands to weave are crazy.


Crazy leader scepter crowns.

Zany leaders lead our spots.

Tyrant tree a file with Pharaoh there is china.

Teacher pets are teach with sins.


Prance along are belly dance.

Prance along are leader dance.

Grins and bear the awes are there.

Rimes on words are grimes in mirrors.


Finks on jobs to love our leaders get no dears.

Falter fears are fallen kings.’

Live on fealty rules our causes are worked.

Lives on morals get so dear.


Gods with hade will take the ginner rights.

Gingers are hard to taste.

Men with hade will buy the gods as living.

Lives are living.


Fear to gods a rite is math.
Creeper plants are having polished apples.

Creeper men are echoed to fawns.

Go with laws and poke the fun.


Function words are words to place.

Function powers get the verbal wishes.

YACKETY-YACKS are jimmy jacks.

Drop a land to map is atlas.


Choose a hand to capture all lands as china.

China hems a gentle god.

Taiwan all is zoomed up zones.

Hacks are toys.


Tories are wise.

Little bloods are bulls to bully.

Vector spaces are polar nouns.
Poles on sticks will jump the powers.


Leaders’ poles are sticks to sticks.

Baal is signed to clear to paves.

Baal is gods as leader paths.

China leader feet are powers get to pace on.


Leader palms are peoples’ pains.

Cauchy3 get a china rabbit.

Rabbit china!

China leader morals get as wafer thin.


Lives with wafer take our blues.

Beastly bliss is beasts to take.

All are mad.’

Gods absent on minds have no caring.

Men absent on minds are taking off,.


Wake the men as fields of justices.


Wakeful norms are good to men.

Live on norms are all in math.

Chatter marks of fluxes will face our morals.

Cauchy3 have chatter marks.

Gods correct our souls to equals.

Getter goes and leaders come.


Good on marks by all so kind is here.

Gods have marks.
Rule by hade revised our lives.

Rule by laws to get to stops.


Hatching figures live so close.

Hatching figures touch our feels.

Cauchy3 is hatching.

All are down as hatching.


China drink the waters use our bloods.
Long to hear are music chairs.

Leaders’ chairs are thrones.

Head off fields are lives on thrones.

----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3----------

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