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I hope everyone is inspired by this little story I thought of while I continued writing as the ideas popped into my head.


Submitted: July 15, 2009

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Submitted: July 15, 2009



What do you usually see when you look in the mirror?
Just yourself right?

Some people may make a disgruntled face when they pay attention to most of their flaws, but, when you walk down the street with a glow and your head held up high, no ones going to notice any of those flaws, because your you.

 You brighten the peoples lives around you, no matter if they are the ones you love, or just a stranger. Your you, and your beautiful. No matter what, no one will take anything away from you, unless you let them. You've got the power to grasp onto your hopes and your dreams and live your life without ever worrying. Like they always say, don't sweat the small stuff.

 But it's stressing about the small things that got us where we are now. Build your bridge however you want, just don't let anyone burn it down. Build it high enough so that no one will be able to touch you, or tell you things you don't need to hear. Your you, your confident, reliable and willing enough to risk your life for the one you love more than anything in the world. Your the one who's going to make a difference in this world.

 You'll make a change. And why are you going to make that change? Because your you, and you know what's right. And you see Mother Earth for what it really is, a gift. It's a gift because it's giving people life, energy, food, love, hope.

Many bad choices have been made in this world due to jealousy, envy, and betrayal, and yes, it will still progress to even more hatred, but the ones who aren't hating, are the ones that are getting stronger. You will make the change, you will keep this world from falling apart, you, will save a life one day.

Just be ready for the twists and turns that will try and crack your path, and when that happens, don't give up, just pave it back together, and hold the hands of the people who matter the most, and carry them with you.

Get ready, for a new life.

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