A day in the life of Bob 1

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It seems there were many good times in my past. But it's strange that the bad is what I remember. This is early recollections, Of a day in my life.

Submitted: July 14, 2008

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Submitted: July 14, 2008



With country people seeing a relative from another state was an event. Even more so if they are from the city. When I was five or maybe 6 years old I remember a visit which would help change my life forever. I guess this would make more sense if I started at the beginning. I lived with my grandparents on my moms side. With my mother, brother and sister. My moms sister and her two daughters,and two uncles. My dad met my mom in church. My dad was living with a women for more than seven years. When I was born. Dad never married this woman. He ask mom to marry him but mom wouldn't. She felt dad wasn't ready to settle down. I longed for a father but got a grandpa. Who didn't  mean to. yet took his anger at my dad out on me. I was constantly a reminder of my dad. Me being the only one of we three kids dad claimed. I suppose.The snow was fresh and white. I'm around 3 years old. My vocabulary at this time was very limited. I remember. playing enjoying the snow. I got a sharp pain in my side. I felt like I had to go to the toilet. I ran as fast as I could. but to no avale. I did it in my underware. Man did granddaddy get mad. he took all my clothes off  and put me ontop of the well house. I cryed and screamed, for what seemed like hours. But what probably wasn't that long. Grandma came to my rescue. Grandma took me off the roof and got me in by the fire. A wood / coal stove was the only type of heat we had.  We had water inside but  weren't allowed to use it. unless for cooking or drinking. We had a spring and a cistern water for bathing. We took pan bathes every night. Then once a week we would carry enough water to fill the tub. I remember carrying wood and coal in. wood was used in the kitchen wood stove. Some of my best meals were cooked on that old cook stove. Winter passed and spring was in the air.  { to be continued}...

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