Mistakes like snowflakes

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A mess of a person who is in love with another unfortunate soul

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012




I’m quite a show aren't I. I’m all fucked up and self conscious. I’m all vain and insecure. I think I’ve got this brain separate of my physical self, this inner secret that can keep me safe from you and him and her and them. My movements are fluid and I am well adjusted, aren’t I? Aren’t I delicately confident under your watchful glare? Your indiscreet judgmental glare that you somehow pierce through this unabsorbing mass of darkness, this black calculating mass of me.

My auto pilot observes in aware carnal heart beats; there are inner stirrings of my faults that disintegrate like fallen snowflakes; indistinguishable and unique awareness’s of what I ought to know, of what I do ignore. It’s much easier to reflect my own self-hatred back onto you.

And what about you?

I think I love you until I want to know nothing about you. And don’t you love me? Don’t you love this?! This fucked up self-conscious vain insecure fluid well-adjusted delicately confident unabsorbing mass of darkness black calculating mass of me?

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