Metaphor for Beatrix and Borolox

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Metaphor for the early church and Martin Luther

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013




Back in the 1500‘s, the church was at a major pinnacle moment in its life where there was no balance what so ever and the leaders and or priest of the church at the time were greedy and obsessed with the power they had over the peasants (The people who were much lower, who were poor.) because the religion of Christianity was fed to them and nobody was given the time of the day to be taught how to read the Bible. The peasants were looked down upon because of their lowly state of being, and so the shallowness that the high priest had in the Roman Catholic churches did not give them any passion what so ever to teach anybody who was not rich. Money was the main root of the church and used in a fleshly manor that the popes, leaders, priest, etc, would use money for their own desires and so all they saw was what they could get out of having this power instead of how they could use it to serve.
The people in this time were basically ruled over by the religion of Christianity and so it became a system: You tithe (Regardless if you had the money), you do whatever the church demands of you, and you do the daily routine except read the Bible. It was held over poorer people’s heads because the Popes thought they could say whatever and because peasants would never read the Bible (because of their lack of education) and so nobody would ever know if the Pope was lieing. HE was the Pope, a leader, and people put their trust in the leader especially if he is a religious leader forseeing everything in the lives of people. Eventually, somebody stood up and saw how ridiculous all this really was - a man who really knew God and not the religion that “saved” you from hell or controlled your life in ever aspect - by seeing through the lies the Popes were using and their lawlessness with the use of their power and money. Martin Luther knew what the Bible said and knew that Paul said that the church should be exactly the opposite of how the Popes were displaying it. 
Martin Luther 
A young boy who - growing up in a religious bubble - had passion to study and research everything in sight. He was a brillant young man and knew better than most people, but the only problem was his intelligence was shunned by the Elders and eventually was forced not to share these things with anyone. Otherwise it would ruin the system in which the Elders inforced in the village of Velcorsia, which Borolox (The young boy) did not understand quite yet at the time. In time though as Borolox grew older and wiser, around his teenage years - as he observed his family and friends around him - Borolox began to see what it was this system the Elders had created and how badly it was effecting everybody, even himself. This system gave you the choice to practice the religion given to you by the Elders, but if you were in public practicing the religion was to be seen. It was based on being seen by the Elders, but Borolox ever wondered if they realized about the loophole. He always noticed nobody on their own time would practice the religion but that their lives would seem empty and dark, nobody had any joy to spare and the relationship between him and these people seemed dull.
As Borolox continued to study and research these things of the religion, and observed more closely how all this was basically a “being seen” lifestyle. He realized that there was one Truth out there, and the revelation Borolox received was not a religion that controlled his every day life, putting him in turmoil and pain. Since the Elders denied the right to leave the village and the thought of knowing anything outside in the world around them was forbidden, Borolox had to come up with a way to leave. Learning the arts of war and stealth, Borolox eventually was able to escape Velcorsia a few years later but he was confronted with his first challenge. The love of his life, Beatrix, a lovely young woman who was part of the royalty of Velcorsia and who was a major influence on the Velcorians. Her life was meant to reflect the religion panned out by the Elders and whatever the Velcorians did was because she influenced it. Borolox knew she was trapped in the darkness created by the Elders and wished to marry her but the only way that they could be together. Was that Borolox had to go spread the word of his revelation and make sure this truth was the actual Truth before he even thought about having Beatrix’s hand in marriage and over running the religious system and the creators with it.
Having successfully left, he went through many challenges and was given buffets to make sure he was not influential when spreading the news of this Truth. He was given a curse that effected Borolox’s intelligence and gifts of charm by a wicked forest demon who also challenged the faith he had in this Truth. Then was turned into a mechanical suit of armor to signify terror and chased out of their city to be killed. Fortunately Borolox is able to become a normal young man again after his challenges were over and saves his village from continaully being inslaved by a false hope that nobody really lived out but pretended to because it’s all they knew how to. Marrying the one woman he loved and seeing a dead village come to life. Eventually, their beliefs would soon be spread after Velcorsia was repared in all aspects. 
The Church 
Beatrix, the lovely young woman who is high royalty of the village of Velcorsia, had one role as she lived and continued to be royalty. Make sure her life reflected the Elder’s religion so that the villagers may follow her and then so the villagers would reflect what their influencer does. Like the church and it being filled with all sorts of darkness and lawless religion, Beatrix was just being the source of the beliefs and the system so that people would have a reason to be apart of it aswell. If a Pastor of a church believes in resurrection (As he or she should), then the building itself will be reflecting the beliefs so that the people in the church know that it is the right thing to believe. Of course, this was a bit different for the Roman Catholic Church. Nobody was allowed to think for themselves, or find out Christianity for themselves because they were fed it and fed the majority of the times the Word of God in a wrong context or just wrong in general.
The Church looked dark and horrible because of the way the Popes were living but of course nobody underneath them realized that. They were basically religious zombies “going with the flow” of things because it ruled their lives and unless you knew the Bible for yourself and decided to speak up. You knew this “zombie” nonsense had to stop because they were living lies. Borolox knew because Beatrix had a great impact on the villagers lives, that she needed to reflect the truth and not the lie. The Truth and not the system. 

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