The Gospel

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Not your gospel, not your friend's, not your parent's, not the people around you. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The good news about Jesus and what He did for you.

Submitted: April 14, 2013

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Submitted: April 14, 2013




You see, me following Jesus does nothing if my life doesn't show that I truly, whole heartly care and desire to follow Jesus. Me following Jesus for my own personal reasons, for my own personal needs does absolutely nothing for me. What is the point if I tag the name of Christ onto the surface of my nice polo or button up shirt for Sunday morning and when I leave to go have a nice meal with friends or family, after the last bit of that whole hearted speech that the Pastor gave, after a little bit of prayer to the congregation to have a blessed week, and after two more conversations that I leave the name of Christ in that building to go continue to live my life the same way I came?
??Jesus did not say to me to dress nice once a week, to do My work once a week, to be Me as a witness to multiple people once a week. Jesus didn't tell me to use the gospel for my needs, for my wants, for the things that I desire in my life to be fullfilled because of the simple fact that Jesus clearly and specifically said to me to pick up my cross and follow Him. To lose my life and follow Him because I will gain the life that He has called me to have. Not the life that I desired for me to live, not the kind of job I wanted to work at, not the kind of woman I wanted to marry and have children with. But the life that I live, I now live in the Son of God, not in myself. Not in the life of other people around me, and not in the world that I live in but no of. And in that truth will be the fact that the desires and wants that I have will be fullfilled in the way my Creator sees fit. 
??What does it really mean to live in the Son of God? That doesn't mean use Jesus' name for the sake of doing things so that you hoped for Him to praise you for your works. Living in the Son of God doesn't mean that I have a name tag that says Jesus Christ and now I'm going to not cuss up a storm, not burst out in anger, not drink till I'm drunk, not have sex with multiple people, not be homosexual, not be an adulterer, nor a idolizer, not be decietful, not be bad, remember to give, remember to be nice, remember to love one another, etc. LIVING IN THE SON OF GOD MEANS THAT JESUS WILL BE OBVIOUS IN MY LIFE AND NOW BECAUSE OF THE STRAIGHT FACT THAT HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR THE SINS THAT I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO ACCOUNT FOR, NOR RECOGNIZE THE MAJORITY OF MY LIFE, NOR UNDERSTAND WHY IT IS THAT I HAVE ADDICTIONS THAT DOESN'T BRING GLORY TO THE NAME OF GOD, NOR WHY IS IT THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT I CANNOT FREE MYSELF FROM THE BONDAGES THAT HOLD ME BACK FROM HIM WHO DIED TO SE T ME FREE. And the simple fact that all of what I am by nature, or by choice does not align with the Gospel. It doesn't align up with what Jesus says about me when I choose to believe in Him, and choose to believe that He set me free from the terrible person that I am. From the things that destroy me from the inside out. Living in the Son of God means to choose to say yes to Jesus, Yes to the will of God, dropping all of my selfish reasons to live my life the way I want to, dropping my knowledge because i don't agree with God's thoughts by nature, by dropping my fleshly nature who wants nothing more than to rebel against God. Who wants to decieve the God of the universe that i am living for Your Name but I am dead. 
Living in the Son of God is acknowledging that the wrath of God towards us in our sin, in our darkness, in our shame that was foolishness. Poured upon His only Son in the love that God had for us because He wanted us to be with Him and not perish. Living in the Son of God means that this is  not my life, but a life that God made to glorify His name so that His wonders will be shown through His creation by His grace and love a lone. This is Gospel. 

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