(I'm) Coming Undone

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Written when I was in one of those dark moods; please excuse the sketchy content.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



And you tell all these little kids

Who already know what sex is

That, "Mommy and Daddy were just wrestling, naked."

So they tell you, "Okay," and go back into their rooms

And they remake the scene with their barbies,

And they do,

They make it.

And that's how you get into deep shit

When the "nice man" asks your kid where you touched him at,

Because they're just little, innocent kids,

They don't know what "virginity" is

And they don't understand what Mommy

Meant to mean in that last goodbye kiss.


And that's how you take a teenager's life;

You don't lock your bedroom door or secure your .44

In that goddamn dresser drawer,

And you're not paying attention,

Just trying to teach them a "lesson",

By ignoring them and bowing down to the flat-screen television,

That you wasted their (small) collage fund on.


They come out of the hall with that gun in hand,

And they're just trying to fix and mend,

All the words that you said in that little "lesson."

And they're laughing as they shoot out that flat screen T.V,

And they scream,

"Are you mad at me?!"

But they're giddy,

So they make mistakes,

And they can't hit the brakes

In their minds fast enough,

And your mind can't register that because

You have a bullet in your brain,

Right between the eyes,

And they turn the gun on themselves to escape all the pain and lies

That's been (Hell) eating them all their lives.


And that's how you wreck a person's life.

That's how you make it all come undone,

That's how you make a person want to run,

And keep running,

(Don't give up.)

That's how you fuck a person up so bad

That they want to have no one.

That's how you drive a person to grab that gun

In the first place,

Coming Undone.


© Copyright 2018 Cayli Ann. All rights reserved.

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