waiting for him...

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idk its about a guy i once loved its old and yes i knw theres short hand in it i bad about that sorry but ya im working on it

Submitted: May 01, 2009

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Submitted: May 01, 2009



im just sitting here waiting 4 you to give me an answer which, i should knw by know ther is no answer there never will b its the same everytime you always do this to me and im really sick of it i just want to b with u forever and ever for i love u. u may not see it but i do i love u more than u can imagine. i would die 4 u if it meant u would live longer. but all i want is u to b happy even if im not. even if it kills me to see u with her everyday. as long as ur happy ill b fine so as i walk by u and i get so happy but then see her comming ur way ill just smile and hide the pain in the inside the parts of me that just want to fall compleatly appart right there and cry. ur the most amazing person i have ever met and i dnt think ill ever get over u ever for all i want is to b with u forever i love you more than you will ever knw i get this feeling when im around u this feeling i cant explain and when u txt i get so happy i want to jump up and down and when i think of u i want to talk about u nonstop but i knw i cant for i have to keep u a secret. i talk about u all the time to my friends ur always on my mind when the whole world goes to sleep im up thinking y her and not me but ill b happy as long as ur happy. every nite i lie in bed when the rest of the world has gone to sleep and i think and dream about u for i love u lots and lots and lots more than i can explain in words ur everywhere i llok ur always on my mind i love u and that will never change!

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