Hethera the mezula

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This is a short overall life story about an alien species called a mezula (sisters to the desanu) and tasks that were set in front of her for the survival of the human race.

Submitted: October 23, 2013

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Submitted: October 23, 2013



Hethera was a mezula. And an important one too. She was the only mezula and person besides the Gods who could see the future, also known as timelines. She, unlikes most other sons and daughters, frequently checked up with her parrots once in a while. The other sons and daughters did show up to see their parents but Hethera showed up many more times than the others. She really loved her parents.

  Her ability to be able to see the future was known by others. Many tried to take advantage of her but many others praised her like she was a God herself. But she did not succumb to anyone and did not work with other people. Unlike other mezuzas she kept a lot to herself and didn't help out others that much. She still did many great deeds such as saving the fallen city of Atlantis by helping the city preserve underwater. The one thing she was most useful at was creating prophecies. Hence she created the prophecies of the Guardian and the Saviour. 

  One day near the end of her adulthood, before she went into hiding, she visited her dad one more time. Her mother was already dead by then, she gave plenty of time to mourn after she died. Her dad had 2 sons already while his new wife was pregnant with the third baby. The oldest son was Sharon and the youngest one, so far, was named Dren. Every time she visited her dad, she felt a strong connection with Dren. There was something about him and when she visited dad for the last time, she found out what was bothering her about Dren.

  Sharon was 7 years old at the time but she never met Sharon once, since the father tried to keep his secret away from his present wife and kids. He didn't want them asking how he knew all of the desanu and mezuza because it'll break their hearts. Therefore he always kept his meetings separate from his family as well as keeping his warrior duties away from his family for thir protection. He thought if he did get caught one day, he could use his "saki" title as an excuse for having a connection with the desanu and mezuza. But he couldn't always take that risk. But on the last visit, Hethera visited him at his house when all of his family was out, except Dren who was sleeping in the house.

  Dren was only 4 when Hethera had her last visit. Tiku met her outside of his house and had a farewell talk with her and he was partly in tears because Hethera was the only one that showed great effort in keeping in touch with him and her mother. He partially cried because Hethera reminded him of Elizabeth, whom he still loves a lot. But then Dren was awake and ran outside to them looking for his father. First his father was worried but then again, Dren was a quiet kid and always kept things to himself and he was only 4 and therefore probably won't remember this accounted when he's older. So his father introduced Hethera to Dren and Dren to Hethera. 

  This was the first time Hethera saw one of his "other" sons up close since she always kept her distance away from the family. It was nice to finally meet one of them before she departed, especially the one that gave her the strongest vibe. Now, Tiku knew that Hethera had the gift of foresight and asked her about Dren's future. Since they were only a few feet apart, she was finally able to look strongly into his future. And that's when everything made sense to her. First it was a shock but then it felt like the puzzle pieces were finally all in place.

  She saw that in the future, there would be equal magic and what were once enemies would become friends. Then there would be a King and Queen of the universe. And the humans will fall because of the Gorkens. But then there would be the Guardian and the Saviour to save them all. She couldn't quite piece together how the Kryptons and humans become allies as well as there being a King and Queen of the universe and how the Guardian/Saviour saves them all but after looking into Dren's future, she finally understood. 

  "Your son will be the greatest zaki of all time," she said outloud to Tiku. 

  "Is that right now?" Tiku replied. He felt proud of his son.

  "He has a long life in front of him. He will overcome any obstacle that is thrown at him. He will become King."


  "The times are different in the future."


  Hethera was still in shock when she learned the truth. He was revelling in the information she learned when Tiku was confused. Tiku tried to ask her some questions but Hethera wasn't paying attention. This worried Tiku. 

  "Is there something wrong?" Tiku asked. Hethera snapped back to reality.

  "No," she said quickly. "I'm just putting the timelines into place."

  "Oh, okay!" Tiku smiled. Hethera didn't smile back. She bent down toads Dren and touched his cheek. Her heart now ached for this boy, who has such a troubling life ahead of him. She kissed his forehead and Dren smiled innocently. Hethera bided them both farewell and left. 

  As she flew away, she thought of what she had to do next. What she saw was that Dren was the decision maker for the Guardian and the Saviour. He is the one that decides if the baby survives or not. To save the humans or not. "Hopefully my kiss on his head would compel him to save the baby," she thought. "And if that is the case, then I must make my tomb to suit her needs."

  A short time later, she landed on earth right next a long beautiful beach. She saw the future of this beach and was not happy with it. It is going to become commercialized and ruined by air and water pollution, TWICE. She focussed on the square hole on the ground that was at a considerable distance from the beach and flew down it. If anyone else tried to go down it, they would fall to their death because they didn't have wings. The hole was deep enough to kill someone if they tried to go down it. 

  Once she got to the bottom, she encountered stairs that led down to majestic ivory doors, made from dead elephant tusks. Hethera wouldn't hurt a living thing, that's why she took the ivory after they were dead, it was quite the challenge, but the mission was accomplished anyway. There were no handles on the doors and the only way to open them was to open them by magic. 

  This is a noter difference that Hethera had compared to the other desanu and mezula. She used magic. And the only way she got them was from dying animals. This is how she minimized her dark magic that she used. Even though none of her brother and sisters did it, she still used her krypton heritage to extract magic out of living things. She doesn't often use magic though, she only mostly used her magic for creating her tomb. 

  Another interesting characteristic she had was that her magic was undetected. When the kryptons used magic, their magic was easily detectable by others because it gives off an aurora . Her did not give an aurora whatsoever. This was advantageous because she can do secret magic to escape or create situations without others knowing. The humans called it "miracles". She used her undetected magic to make her fortress undetectable by others. The only way to get to the place is if you knew it existed. And she is the only one that knew it existed, so far.

  She put her hand on the doors and it opened to her touch. On the inside was a giant temple with shelves and shelves of nothing on them. She walks around the corner the doors and it reveals that the rows of shelves go all the way behind the stairs too and that there was space under the stairs. She walks to the end of the room to a large table that filled up the whole width of between the bookshelf walls. This table will later be at the other side of the room and a tomb, with her body inside it, will be on this side of the room in an arrangement that looks like a shrine. Hidden under the tomb would be her wings in a glass box being preserved in a green liquid under a table skirt, just like the ones under coffins at funerals.

  On the end of the shelves on this end of the library had 5 large books. They were filled with history of the Earth so far. It was all written by Hethera. She plans to fill up the whole library with books. But before she can do that, she has to make a couple changes.

  Since there is now a 50/50 chance that the Guardian and Saviour will be born (before it was 30/70, but due to her kiss, the chances are higher now), she had to make the place more suitable for the baby. She knew that the only person who will know about her tomb after she dies will be the Guardian and the Saviour. Before, since there were low chances of the Guardian and the Saviour being born, she didn't care that much. But now she realizes the importance of the baby. The baby is the only hope for future civilization. 

  She used the next couple days to extract energy from dying animals in order to build up her magic. She needed it to create a birthling scanturary for the baby. After building up enough energy, she spent the next 21 days building one room per day in a formation of a circle around the outside of the library. Only the first and last rooms had doors and they were places side by side at the front side of the room. These 21 rooms were connected to the rooms adjacent to each other. The doors connecting rooms were enhanced to only open once and then be forever closed. This was to create a 21 day cycle where the baby spends 24 hours in each room until the 21st day where the baby will be able to come back into the main room. The only way to start the cycle is if the baby opens the first door and goes in to do the 21 day cycle that it knows it has to undergo. 

  Each room (each day) has a specific environment for the baby for its developing process and Hethera made sure all the elements of prime development was there. She would know because she was a once a birthling herself. The baby will be hungry once she comes out of the rooms and therefore she enhanced that as soon the last door opens, a table of food rises out of the floor for the baby to eat.

  The last adjustment she did with her magic was to change the ivory front doors. She carved a timeline map one the right door and words in the Elemental language explaining that the intruder must use their blood to trace the right timeline in order to gain access to the room on the left door. She made it so that only the Guardian and the Saviour would know the answer. So now the doors open on her touch and by the person who knows the answer of the timeline riddle.

  Hethera lived to be another 3000 years old until she died. During those years, she wrote and wrote and wrote. All about the secrets of the universe. Another advantage she had in having foresight was to have hindsight. In order to understand the future, she had to know the past. So therefore she knew about the universes darkest secrets and places them all into those books she wrote. Before she died the empty shelves were now completely full. They were all made for the Guardian and the Saviour. 

  She was one of the last ones to die of her kind and by the time she died, no one believed in angels anymore and therefore she had no one to say good bye to. That's why she said her farewells earlier, because she knew that everyone would eventually forget the amazing things in the world. She was right, the water that was once crystal clear outside of her tomb were now murky and blue. All the Gods were almost dead, one was left remaining and he didn't have much longer to live. 

  When she was younger, she frequently associated with the Gods against her father's wishes. Many of the mezula and desanu did. This is why nobody thought that the mezula and desanu were part krypton, because the kyrptons hated the Gods. Nobody knew where they came from and the first one to make the connection between the mezula and the desanu with the humans and kryptons was the Next Generation, because the Gods knew who were the parents.

  Before Hethera died, before she went to the spirit world, she thought that her work wasn't finished and she was worried that all her work was for nothing. But it hasn't been determined yet. The only way to find out was to wait and see if baby showed up in the spirit world or not. If it doesn't show up, then there's hope. If it doesn show up, then the humans will most likely lose the war. 

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