Mystery Manor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a mysterious short story.

Submitted: January 31, 2013

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Submitted: January 31, 2013



“Mom, I’m leaving now!” I yelled at my mother, who was upstairs cleaning the guest room.

“Alright Stilyla. Don’t stay out too late!” my mother shouted back. I stepped out the door into the dark and ominous night.

“My friends should have been here by now.” I muttered through clenched teeth. The foggy air is chilling me even though I am wearing a jacket. Soon after, I heard the familiar rumble of Alea’s car. The headlights momentarily blinded me as the car pulled up to the curb in front of where I am standing. I opened to door to the passenger seat and slid into the small yellow car.

“Sorry, I’m late” said Alea, “The roads were blocked up by the Penitentiary.”

“Why is that?” I queried.

“I don’t know, but forget about it. Are you as excited as I am?”

“Ecstatic! This is going to be fun!” Even as I said this, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy. I looked out the window watching the trees whir by, awaiting our arrival.

“We’re here!” Alea said after she shut the car off and took the keys out. “Come on, Stilyla!”

I grabbed the handle, and opened the door. I hurried out the door following Alea’s lead. Up ahead was our destination, Mystery Manor, the scariest known haunted house in all of Indiana. It was a two-story house, with a dilapidated facade. The windows were boarded up, and the shutters were hanging off their hinges. As we drew closer the house seemed to loom over us, menacingly, almost as if it was daring us to enter.

“Maybe we should go back.” I said.

“No backing out now. This will be fun!” Alea started to walk towards the door to Mystery Manor, reaching out to grab the handle.

“It’s probably locked anyway.” Much to my dismay, the door opened with a loud creak. She turned towards me, and gave a toothy grin. Taking my hand in hers, she led me into the run-down house, stopping to close the door behind us. The room we were in, was pitch black, and very eerie.

“Here you go.” I heard her say as she handed me a flashlight. I switched it on, and took comfort in the small beam of light. I let the light roam over the room we were in, to get a feel of the layout. The room was dust ridden and smelled very musty. The room was disastrous as if whoever lived here before was in a hurry to get out. Suddenly I heard footsteps overhead.

“Shhh. Did you hear that, Alea?”

“It’s probably just the wind” The hairs on the back of my neck were in an upright position, and I started to feel even more nervous and uneasy than I was in the car.

“Yeah, you’re probably right, but we should really go. I mean, I don’t think this is safe.”

“Let’s just look in the next room over and then we can leave. Ok?”

“Fine” Alea happily strode to the doorway connecting the rooms, as I sulkily made my way behind her. I hovered around the doorway and took in the surroundings of this new room. It looked to be a run-down kitchen with remnants of dishes in the rusty old sink. There were scraps of paper strewn all over the blackened floor. Alea stood in the middle of the room looking around. Next, we heard what sounded like stomping coming from the upper level. I paled and gaped at Alea, who looked mortified.

“Do you still think it was the wind?” I whispered angrily at her.

“N-n-no” she stuttered. “Let’s go now!”

I came forward, grabbed her hand, and hurriedly towed her towards the doorway. When we entered the first room again, I saw a shadow of a man out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to look at it, but it was gone. When I looked in front of me again I stopped abruptly. The shadow moved in front of the door, blocking our way out. It wasn’t just a shadow though, no, it was an actual person. Screaming filled my ears, as Alea saw why I stopped.

The man stepped closer to us, and with a sickening grimace, he smoothly stated, “I’ve got you now.”

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