Love heaven sent

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Your Love goes deeper than the ocean and the is endless as the sea
You romance my mind with the gentleness of your tongue
You are the rhythm to my heart,the beat to my drum
When you hold me in your arms my soul quivers and shakes
You sex me without touching me,and oh It feels so good
When In with you,I forget my heartache and pain,your Love brings peace
you soothe my being like the waves of the ocean
Our spirits connect,we are drawn together like magnets
my Love to your love my heart to your heart
When the day come for us to make love,our love will be complete and the whole heaven will sing,because a love like this is once in a lifetime

Submitted: October 17, 2013

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Submitted: October 17, 2013



Your Love for me is the meditation of my soul,I feel at peace with my being Your Love goes deeper than the ocean and is endless as the sea

Im on fire for your tongue,you stimulate my intellect you make me aroused by your words you romance my mind and I want more and more

In a world so cold you bring heat with your Love,you warm my being If you ever leave me it want matter because you definitely left your mark of Love on me.

You are my appetite I m hungry for your affection you bring Love to Hell you released the captivity of hate in which I was birthed into

You send shock waves through my body when our eyes connect,this room is dark but our light shines through you sex me without touching me

But,when the day of romance approaches,when our lips part and our souls kiss, the whole heaven will sing because a Love like this exists once in a lifetime

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