The Darkness Creeping In...

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it come creeping and leaking through out my mind and never truly leaves, only is pushed to the back of my mind, always there; never leaving.

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014



The darkness, it’s such a familiar thing. 

It creates shadows, the shadows that aren’t very friendly, and hide many monsters. Monsters that very from person to person.

 For me personally, the scariest monster I have come across was mine own self, It was staring at me from the darkest shadows of my mind, snarling. 

It was a raging animal that had no knowledge of who I was. That was the scariest part… I almost couldn’t recognize myself. 

Then I realized why it was so….

 I had let the darkness in, the darkness had surrounded me and made me a completely different person… 

The Darkness is know as depression, and it always comes to visit from the dark corners of my mind where I try and keep it locked away, but sometimes its able to break through the walls and the chains keeping it in place.

 This dark mist of a cloud, always breaks through and takes over me and my mind. I am but a helpless vessel that has been pirated by this darkness.

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